Solo Kiki

Did you listen to that Kjell Mix?  Loved it.

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself lately.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I am working everyday so my mornings consist of waiting to go to work at 5, so I just kick it by myself all day long attempting to do all the things I’m supposed to be doing.  We all know how that usually goes with me so needless to say I’m spending a majority of my time laying around my flat listening to dnb. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
DillinjaIn My SoulJA1MP 1994

Nickdawg – All Hardleaders Mix
I don’t know who Nickdawg is but this mix was posted on Everyday Junglist and an all Hardleaders mix is extremely exciting to me.  Takes me back to when I was a wee little raver. 🙂  I’m gonna listen right now.


regulate- juniper (HL-008)
serve chilled- prophecy (HL-033)
capone- soldier (HL-001)
basic influence- still waters (HL-004)
venom- it’s on (HL-015)
lemon d- manhattan melody (HLLP-01)
capone- paradise (HL-014)
regulate- thoughts (HL-011)
capone- friday (HL-028)
sniper & mystical influence- springboard (HLLP-11S)
manifest- genesis (HL-016)
espionage- spies like us (HLLP-02)
formula 7 & tdk- mechanism (HL-017)
capone- massive (HL-001)
>> souljah- rollin’ (HL-012)
capone- fusion (HL-041)
banga- code red (HLLP-02)
souljah- come on (HL-012)
souljah- fade 2 black (HL-026)
decoder- fog (HL-010)
capone- alaska (HL-028)
capone- tudor rose (HL-042)
peshay- I need you (HL-050)
>> apex- spys (HL-009)
eljay & darkone- just for you (HLLP-9S)
total science- slipstream (HLLP-13)
capone- 2 da 1 (HL-050)
>> capone- take it down low (HL-055)
subject matter- online (HL-059)
digital- jester (HL-048)
andy b- no sacrifice (HLLP-13)
the outfit- cover girl (HL-60)
digital- critical situation (HL-048)
xample- sonic sleaze (HL-063)
total science- it’s not over (HL-054)


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