Workaholic Kiki

I’ve managed to pick up 7 shifts this week.  I’m on the money hustle for real. 🙂

Command StrangeStoned Love
Loving this one. Laid back roller.

Today’s Oldie:
Q ProjectTearsCreative Source Records 2005
I ran on the treadmill today to an hour long Q Project mix I had made from ’05.  Fun stuff.

KjellFunction / Backlash Guest Mix September 2010
Ooh I’m excited.  I love Kjell.  Looking forward to listening to this.

01. Kjell-Lincoln Place (BIOS dub)
02. Random Movement- Hopeless Romantic (Influence dub)
03. Will Miles- Moments Pass (dub)
04. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc-Saturated Fats (Peer Pressure)
05. Will Miles- Helpline (dub)
06. Naibu- It Took a Long Time (Kjell rmx)
07. Submorphics- Bullets Over Broadway (Kjell Bway Junction rmx)
08. Kjell- Falling Rocks (Digi-Lab dub)
09. Black Moon- How Many MC’s (Kjell bootleg)
10. S.P.Y-Out of the Blue (Traffic)
11. Will Miles- Plate Up (dub)
12. Kjell-Shake Hit (dub)
13. Edward Oberon- Shadowlands (dub)
14. Will Miles-Wild Hiden (dub)
15. Kjell-The Last Thing (Function dub)


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