Kiki & Friends

I actually had a really lovely weekend.  Friday I just went out with Jessica and enjoyed some good girls night out company.  Saturday me and Daniela went to Gianna’s rooftop party for her non-profit, For The Mamas.  It’s an organization to help women battling cancer.  I had a really good time.  You can’t really beat loud music and drinks outside also it’s nice to help contribute to good causes.  My weekend was mostly awesome because of the company I kept and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Today’s Oldie:
RenegadeDark SoldierDread Recordings 1996
Classic banger.  ❤

I found this one on Fonik’s site.  Haven’t listened to it yet but I do love Seba so it’s a win.
SebaLive  @ Funkmasters Ukraine


Seba – As Long As It Takes – Secret Operations
Ill Logic & RAF – Complex Identities – Bingo Beats
Sabre – Global – Subtitles
Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Face To Face – Unknown
Seba – Steel – Paradox
Seba – 34 Alpha – Secret Operations
Mosus & HLZ – Nexus 7 – Liquid V
Calibre – Understand – CIA DeepKut
Seba – Pressure Point – Unknown
Seba – Dangerous Days – Unknown
Mosus & S.P.Y. – Suadade – Nu Directions
Rufige Kru – Something About You (D-Bridge Mix) – Metalheadz
Rufige Kru – Is This Real? – Exit
Seba & Paradox – Last Goodbye (Instrumental) – Paradox
Seba – Snow – Hospital
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing – 31 Records


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