Wobble Kiki

Last night was awesome.  I went to go see Caspa at Smart Bar.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve been to Smart Bar this month.  It’s usually a place I don’t go to too often cuz I hate driving there and I’m not really on the electronic club tip that much these days .  I’ve seen some great shows there the past month though.  Caspa was def. my favourite one.  It’s so lovely when the room is just filled with enthusiastic people who are just as excited about the music as you are.  Last night was really packed.  Whoa-B and Timid had awesome sets.  Caspa murdered it.  The crowd just ate him up.  They knew all his tracks,  freaked out at the right times, danced a ton and even sang back lyrics really loudly?  I know.  I was in awe too.  LOL.  Made for a really great night.  I didn’t even feel like I was in Chicago cuz it seemed like there was, dare I say, a healthy scene that wasn’t just house music.  I had a blast. 🙂

The record organising continues.  Thankfully I can say that I do actually see an end in sight soon.  Yay.

Today’s Oldie:
Usual SuspectsTherapyRenegade Hardware 2001
Love it.

Balistik & Savage RehabAssasin Sounds Renegade Show DnB Radio 9/22/09


01 – Savage Rehab – FREE
02 – Xposure & Balistik – PHILADELPHIA SUNRISE
03 – Sigurt – COLOURFUL
05 – Savage Rehab – DIVINORUM
06 – Savage Rehab – VIOLACATO
07 – Savage rehab – MUSIC BELLE
08 – Kubix & Lomax – WISE WORDS
09 – Omni Trio – RENEGADE SNARES (Bladerunner RMX)
10 – Big Bud – KIKI
11 – Savage Rehab – HALLOWED
12 – Savage Rehab – TOUCH
13 – Savage rehab – MANDRIL
14 – J Laze – THE HUNTED

15 – Total Science – STONE LOVE


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