Dreary Kiki

It’s actually not that cold out, but man it looks grey and miserable outside.

The weekend is here.  February starts on monday, which means I begin the countdown to my LA trips with my besties.  I found out Stunna is actually gonna be out there the same time as me so I’ll be going to check out his show.  Woot. (I’ll post info on that show later)

Will Miles24 Hours
Heavy tune!  Stunna played this one on his show on wednesday and I can’t get it out of my head.  Big up Will. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreMakes Me WonderSignature Records 2003
I haven’t done a Calibre oldie in a while.  Always awesome. ❤

FrictionShogun Audio Podcast 15


00:00 Breakage – Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
04:54 Spinline – Shortcut
09:18 Icicle & Proxima – Breathing Again
14:12 SpectraSoul – Lost Disciple
19:37 Enei – One Chance (VIP)
24:18 Marcus Intalex & SPY – Triband
29:12 Subzero – Brighter Days
34:27 Hazard – Food Fight
38:13 Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage (VIP)
43:35 Total Science & SPY – Magic Hour
47:55 Icicle – I Feel U

And She’s Back!

Hi!  My globetrotting has come to an end.  I’m a bit sad about it.  I have definitely figured out again, what I already knew,  that I love travelling abroad.  I’m an international chick and just tend to thrive better when I’m overseas.  I must figure out a way to get some funds so  I can do it more often.  I can’t honestly say that I was happy to return to annoying cold weather and no job, but alas it is what it is.

I am soooo behind in my dnb world.  Shame on me.  Since I forgot the powercord to my laptop I couldn’t even update the mixes on my ipod so I don’t even know what’s out there.  I am excited to get back on track though.

Do you guys ever listen to Ros & Reza’s Soul Addiction Bassdrive show?  I’m a new listener and I love it.  Really great chill vibes.  You should check it out.  It’s on every thursday from 9 – 11 am CST.

Notion – Because & I0ta (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreWaitingSignature Records 2004
Signature Records is an awesome label.  Period.  I’m sure I’ll get through all the releases in the oldie section at some point.  I remember how excited I was when the label first started.  Love Calibre… but you all know that already. 😉

MethodusKmag Promo Mix


Komatic – Seasons Sleep [Unreleased Dub]
Big Bud – Want You so Bad [SOUNdTRAX]
Calculon & ATP – The Coriolis Effect [Funkstar Dub]
Random Movement & Komatic – Accidental Causes [Unreleased Dub]
Calculon & Andy Sim – Evening Shadows [Funkstar Dub]
Glen E Ston & The Square – Close to You (Paul SG remix) [Influenza Media]
Madmen & Poets ft Ill Esha – Save Me [Fokuz]
Mage & ATP – Go Down [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Carl Matthes – Never Away [Unreleased Dub]
Kasio – Bad Dayze [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Paul SG – Organic Mode [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna – Sky High [Unreleased Dub]
Laura Claire – Probably Are (BMK & City Kings remix) [Powder Room]
So Flow – Thorn [Vibration Recordings]
Fusion – Sexual Flu (The Square and Dirrrty B remix) [Unreleased Dub]
Random Movement – Memory Loss [Unreleased Dub]
Flaco – Thinking of You [Unreleased Dub]
Jaybee & KDan – Love Affair [Forthcoming Vibration Recordings]
Reza & Clart – The Chances [Forthcoming Influenza Media]
Komatic – Now She’s Free [Unreleased Dub]
ATP – Shibuya Nights [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna – Back in Time [Outsider Recordings]

Rave In My Pants Kiki

I was mixing my 2step jams yesterday and I actually started to get excited for my set on saturday.  Mike was sitting playing on the internets while I was mixing and we both agreed that garage is straight up party music.  Who wouldn’t love to hear booming bass and r&b remixes when you go to a party?  It’s definitely not “sitting around the house” music.  I’m going to take loads of pics.  This thing is definitely going to be interesting. 🙂

In more news, Ashland Ave is most certainly the bane of my existence.  They started construction at 7am this morning.  That’s just rude.  Boo.

Grafix – I Must Say (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Calibre & High ContrastThe Other SideSignature Records 2004

Dj HypeEssential Mix 10/17/2009


Pendulum – Tarantula [Original Proto Version] (Dub)
Noisia – Deception (Dub)
Original Sin And Taxman – Casino (Ganja Dub)
Shy FX – Everyday [Chase N Status Remix] (Digital Soundboy)
Vapour – Cut Paper (Dub)
Hazard – Psychadelic (Playaz Dub)
Break – Winter Sun (Shogun)
Taxman – Harrys Revenge (Ganja Dub)
Twisted Individual – Handgrenade [Clipz Remix] (Dub)
Hazard – Against The Clock (Playaz Dub)
Sub Focus – World Of Hurt (Ram)
J Majik – Mosqiuto (Mosquito)
Sub Zero – Motion (Ganja Dub)
Zero T & Mosus – Vanity (Dub)
Jaydan – Driller Killer (Ganja Promo)
Marky & Spy – Brainstorm (Innersound Dub)
Original Sin – Pimp Don’t Limp (Playaz Dub)
Lomax – Jungle FX (Ram Dub)
Noisia Feat Foreign Beggars – ??? (Dub)
Sub Zero – Spin Doc (Ganja)
Netsky – Tomorrow Is Another Day VIP (Liq-Weed Dub)
Total Science – Gangsters (C.I.A. Dub)
Hazard – Busted VIP (Playaz)
Sub Focus – Deep Space (Ram)
The Unknown Artist – The Unknown Track (Dub)
Original Sin – Step On (Playaz)

Identity Theft Kiki

Well I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary.  Someone did steal my card number but just used it to upgrade their yahoo mail account.  Nothing else.  There’s no pending charges so I guess I was lucky.  I needed a new card anyways so now I can kill two birds with one stone and get a new card and a new number.  I don’t really carry purses.  I’m more of a back pocket kinda girl so my id and my card are usually bent or broken in a short amount of time.

Matt Martin’s wedding was lovely.  Him and Leeann were so cute.  Good times.  I feel like I did a bunch of extended hanging out this weekend.  Mike is a perpetual gallivanter so usually when he’s here there are a lot of activities involved.  I didn’t partake in all of them cuz my finances don’t allow that kind of behaviour but I did go eat at Mana yesterday with him and the rest of the crew for dinner.  Yum.  So good.  A vegan/vegeterian’s dream.  Good cocktails too.

All in all a nice weekend.

Serum & BladerunnerJust A Beat

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreThink AgainSignature Records 2004

I am definitely looking forward to this.  Raiden has been killing it lately.
Raiden Expo Mix Vol. 1


01. Naibu – Fireflies (Seba remix) {Horizons}
02. Ulterior Motive, Fd & Keza – Sticky Tape {Subtitles}
03. Raiden – Muggy Waters {??}
04. Digital & Outrage – Red Letter {Function}
05. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Crazy Pill {??}
06. Martsman – Antique Antic {OffKey}
07. Nymfo – Social Isolation [31 recs]
08. Raiden – La Luna {Renegade Hardware}
09. Ulterior Motive – Glued {??}
10.Rockwell – Stowaway {Digital Soundboy}
11.Raiden – Roentgen {Architecture}
12.Commix – Belleview (DBridge rmx) {Metalheadz}
13.Propaganda & Meth – Stash {OffKey}
14.Ink – Mirage (Raiden & Khanage rmx) {Renegade Hardware}
15.Outrage – Armshouse {Function}
16.Spectrasoul – Mimic {Subtitles}
17.Raiden & Khanage – Amnesia Haze {OffKey}
18.Sunchase – Ultimate Survival {X-tinction Agenda}
19.Raiden & Khanage – 8798 {OffKey}
20.Morphy & 9 Tails – Disco {Tech Noir}
21.Raiden – Baptism of Fire {OffKey}
22.Katharsys – Walking Device {Barcode}
23.Loxy, Raiden & Khanage – In the Face of Adversity {OffKey}
24.Rockwell – Reverse Engineering {Darkestral}
25.Jeff Mills – Silence {Tresor}

Sunny Kiki

Woot.  I am so happy about the  good weather we’ve got coming up.  It’s supposed to 68 today and then in the 80s this weekend.  Everything just seems so much more fun when the sun comes out to play.

Speaking of nice weather, you now have no excuse but to trek to Smart Bar and come see your locals play tonight if you live in the Chi.  I’m excited.  It should be fun.  It’s me, Lamebrane, Zew and Phantom 45.  Come out!


M25 feat. First Function & The SquareOn The South (track is in M25 player)

Today’s Oldie:
Calibre & High Contrast – Mr. MajesticSignature Records 2004
I’m mostly picking this as today’s oldie because I can’t find my record.  Boo.  I wanted to play it tonight and of course it’s nowhere to be seen.  I’m sure it’ll turn up when I don’t need it, as usual.  Nice collab.  Love it.

The Shakedown posse are coming full force.  I’m looking forward to the Dave Owen night and am definitely digging the mixes.
InsightShakedown Mix #2



Whistle While I Work

I’ve been a force to be reckoned with this week.  Like I said before, my boss is going away next week and so he’s been piling on the work.  I’ve come in like every day at 7 or so and have just been toiling away.  Employee of the month for sure. 😉

Spectrasoul – AlibiBreak Remix (track is in Spectrasoul player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreBulletsSignature Records 2005
Not that old but still awesome.  I woke up with this really somber feeling and this track popped into my head.  I just love Diane Charlemagne’s voice.  As cheesy as it sounds, her vocals really encompass the soul of the track.  The bassline is just so simple yet moving.  I’m no music journalist so I’m sure I should have come up with some better ways to describe this track but whatever.

Found this one on DOA.  The tracklist looks awesome.
RezaMix For www.liquiddnb.com


01. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (soundtrax dub)
02. Zyon Base & Hobzee – One Thousend Paper Cranes (samurai dub)
03. Sinistarr & JJ – Logarithm (sonorous dub)
04. Chris Inprespective – Serial Thyme (dub)
05. Atom – Nightflight (sonorous dub)
06. Eveson – Dirty habit (future thinkin dub)
07. Glen E Ston – Lost Love (dub)
08. Smote – Deeply In My Soul (dub)
09. Paul T / Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (dub)
10. Flaco / Glen E Swan – The Girl Can Move (dub)
11. Sabbia feat. Wiosna – Soulmates (Paul T remix)[vibez dub]
12. Phatplyaz – No Name (dub)
13. Paul SG & Andy Sim – A treasured moment (dub)
14. Brother – She Said (fokuz dub)
15. Submorphics – California suite (dub)
16. Deep Jazz – Choose One (bios dub)
17. Statesman – Secret Door (dub)
18. Decem – Papercut (dub)
19. Big Bud – Soulsista (soundtrax dub)
20. Stunna / Smote / Submorphics – Sweet Passion (santorin dub)
21. Sable Gray – Perfect Storm (bios dub)
22. Sinistarr – Park Avenue (dub)

Snuggle Bunny Kiki

Over Christmas was when I saw the snuggie commercial for the first time.  It brought me much amusement.  I feel like the commercial is made in the same way as the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ones were.  Pure hilarity.

I was talking to my friend Mike’s gf, Erin the other day and she showed me something that one ups the snuggie, the couch sack!!!  What!  Ten times better than the snuggie.  I like to be as cozy as the next person but this shit is out of control.  LOL.


Sabre – God Fearing (track is in audio player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibrePesoSignature Records 2003
Was listening to this one this morning.  Dope.

Raw QJanuary 2009 Studio Mix

01. Commix – Underwater Scene (Soul:R)
02. Sinistarr – Golgo 13 (Dub)
03. Calibre – Roundhouse (Signature)
04. D-Bridge – Dreamworld [Rmx] (Blindside)
05. Henree & Eveson – Lomo (Deep Kuts)
06. Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Dub)
07. Brother – Junction (Influence)
08. Logistics & Nu:Tone – Trademark (Hospital)
09. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System (Dub)
10. Soul Intent – The Funky Creeper (Influence Dub)
11. J-Majik – Blame [Rmx] (Infrared)
12. Break and Survival – Dawn (DNAudio)
13. Lomax – Come and See (Critical)
14. The Insiders – Burning Deep (Burn Recs)
15. Random Movement – Change for the Train Home (Dub)
16. Dj Die – On Time (V Recs)
17. Lynx vs Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes (Soul:R)
18. Bal – Blow Up (Influence Dub)
19. Atom – Breathe In (Dub)
20. Lomax – Too Real (Soul:R)
21. Commix – Rack It (Soul:R)
22. Atom – Night Flight (Sonorous Dub)
23. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – The Self-Aware Convection Oven (Dub)

24. Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio)
25. Breakage – Come Back (Bassbin)
26. ST Files – Eight Six (Soul:R)
27. Calibre – Trip It (Digital Soundboy)
28. Raw Q – Mandala (Dub)
29. Instra:mental – Comanche (Darkestral)
30. Data – The Causeway (Influence Dub)
31. Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love (Future Retro)
32. Raw Q – Summer Rain (Influence)