Dreary Kiki

It’s actually not that cold out, but man it looks grey and miserable outside.

The weekend is here.  February starts on monday, which means I begin the countdown to my LA trips with my besties.  I found out Stunna is actually gonna be out there the same time as me so I’ll be going to check out his show.  Woot. (I’ll post info on that show later)

Will Miles24 Hours
Heavy tune!  Stunna played this one on his show on wednesday and I can’t get it out of my head.  Big up Will. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreMakes Me WonderSignature Records 2003
I haven’t done a Calibre oldie in a while.  Always awesome. ❤

FrictionShogun Audio Podcast 15


00:00 Breakage – Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
04:54 Spinline – Shortcut
09:18 Icicle & Proxima – Breathing Again
14:12 SpectraSoul – Lost Disciple
19:37 Enei – One Chance (VIP)
24:18 Marcus Intalex & SPY – Triband
29:12 Subzero – Brighter Days
34:27 Hazard – Food Fight
38:13 Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage (VIP)
43:35 Total Science & SPY – Magic Hour
47:55 Icicle – I Feel U


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