Snowdump Kiki

We’re supposed to get a wicked snow storm dumping around 20 inches.  I guess it’s our turn finally.  This winter has been quite odd here in the Chi.  We’ve hardly had that much snow in comparison with other places and we haven’t really had many days in the teen temps.  I’m just excited that I’ll finally get to wear my grownz up snow boots that I paid good money for but have yet to wear.  I decided that last year would be the last time I would get my feet wet with cute impractical snow boots.  I got some serious waterproof action going so bring it on. 😉



[00:00:00] 01. Pete Rann & PBK – Blind Suspense [PRM001]
[00:06:32] 02. Sundancer – Into The Emptiness [OFFWORLD007]
[00:10:54] 03. Stunna – Face The Night [RMR010]
[00:16:43] 04. Dephzac – We Are Together [ESP026]
[00:20:22] 05. Tidal – Soul Expressions [TMGRLS11]
[00:26:11] 06. Kharm – Charade [OFFWORLD007]
[00:30:32] 07. Stunna & Focus – Blackheart [TELLURIC010]
[00:35:16] 08. Command Strange – U Can’t Touch This [FOKUZCD006]
[00:40:22] 09. Seba & Krazy – Arsenic [INNO26DB]
[00:45:16] 10. dRamatic & dbAudio – Soulwave [TELLURIC012]
[00:50:43] 11. Lenzman Feat. Riya – Bittersweet [SGN018]
[00:54:43] 12. Lenzman Feat. Riya – Bittersweet Pt.2 [SGN022]
[00:59:27] 13. Seathasky & Beatchemist – Learn To Fly [OFFWORLD007]
[01:04:32] 14. Lenzman – Lonely Heart [NUCD005]
[01:08:11] 15. Astral – Saturday [SDDB299]
[01:15:27] 16. Command Strange – Last Kiss [FOKUZ201005]


3 thoughts on “Snowdump Kiki

  1. 1. Blackbox – Fall Into My Love FoxRox JayRome Booty 2. DJ Roots – Sorriso De Flor – Innerground Recs3. The Ego DJ Roots – Need That Girl – Dub4. Roots Bungle vs Nu Tone – Conquest System s – Mashup5. Syncopix aka Rogue Soul – Be With You Marky S.P.Y Remix 6. Paul SG – Whats the time please – Dub7. Random Movement Mixmaster Doc Focus – My Sentiments – White8. Dave Owen – Nocturnal – Dub9. Dave Owen – The Way You Movin – Dub10. BigbUd FurNey – DIGGIT – Soundtrax Recs11. Furney Paul SG – Agent Miller – Dub12. Cinematic Orchestra vs. Obviously the nu-skool drum n bass that had an impact on the whole scene affected me as well so you can see that Im not exactly all liquid in my selection. Big ups to all the producers that I included here a few exclusive bits from them that Im proud to present to you – the listeners!

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