Identity Theft Kiki

Well I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary.  Someone did steal my card number but just used it to upgrade their yahoo mail account.  Nothing else.  There’s no pending charges so I guess I was lucky.  I needed a new card anyways so now I can kill two birds with one stone and get a new card and a new number.  I don’t really carry purses.  I’m more of a back pocket kinda girl so my id and my card are usually bent or broken in a short amount of time.

Matt Martin’s wedding was lovely.  Him and Leeann were so cute.  Good times.  I feel like I did a bunch of extended hanging out this weekend.  Mike is a perpetual gallivanter so usually when he’s here there are a lot of activities involved.  I didn’t partake in all of them cuz my finances don’t allow that kind of behaviour but I did go eat at Mana yesterday with him and the rest of the crew for dinner.  Yum.  So good.  A vegan/vegeterian’s dream.  Good cocktails too.

All in all a nice weekend.

Serum & BladerunnerJust A Beat

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreThink AgainSignature Records 2004

I am definitely looking forward to this.  Raiden has been killing it lately.
Raiden Expo Mix Vol. 1


01. Naibu – Fireflies (Seba remix) {Horizons}
02. Ulterior Motive, Fd & Keza – Sticky Tape {Subtitles}
03. Raiden – Muggy Waters {??}
04. Digital & Outrage – Red Letter {Function}
05. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Crazy Pill {??}
06. Martsman – Antique Antic {OffKey}
07. Nymfo – Social Isolation [31 recs]
08. Raiden – La Luna {Renegade Hardware}
09. Ulterior Motive – Glued {??}
10.Rockwell – Stowaway {Digital Soundboy}
11.Raiden – Roentgen {Architecture}
12.Commix – Belleview (DBridge rmx) {Metalheadz}
13.Propaganda & Meth – Stash {OffKey}
14.Ink – Mirage (Raiden & Khanage rmx) {Renegade Hardware}
15.Outrage – Armshouse {Function}
16.Spectrasoul – Mimic {Subtitles}
17.Raiden & Khanage – Amnesia Haze {OffKey}
18.Sunchase – Ultimate Survival {X-tinction Agenda}
19.Raiden & Khanage – 8798 {OffKey}
20.Morphy & 9 Tails – Disco {Tech Noir}
21.Raiden – Baptism of Fire {OffKey}
22.Katharsys – Walking Device {Barcode}
23.Loxy, Raiden & Khanage – In the Face of Adversity {OffKey}
24.Rockwell – Reverse Engineering {Darkestral}
25.Jeff Mills – Silence {Tresor}

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