Holiday Kiki

It’s such a different feeling when you work right up until the day before a holiday.  It doesn’t even feel like Christmas is in 2 days.

My sister’s flight got cancelled and so now she’s flying into Chicago and driving to Madison with me tomorrow.  It’s always nice to have company in my car since my car stereo is broken and driving in silence makes me want to scratch my eyes out. 😉

RaidenBroken Audio Podcast Vol. 20


01. Qba – Night of the Lion (Unsigned)
02. Anile & Dakosa – Code Of Conduct
03. Genotype – A Mad Kinda Something (Ammo)
04. C-Sonix – Logans Run (Unsigned)
05. Raiden – Génie Civil (OffKey)
06. Meth – Scatter (Broken Audio)
07. Mr Foul – Rude Boy Town EDITED (Unsigned)
08. Ink & BTK – Reptile (Renegade Hardware)
09. Hunch – Second to None (Unsigned)
10. Optiv & BTK – Backlash (Virus)
11. Genotype – Ragz Sket Beat (Backlash)
12. Raiden & Outrage – Tornado (Temah)
13. Fade & Codex – Disgusting (Unsigned)
14. Amenizm & John Rolodex – Conviction (Machinist)
15. Morphy & Ges E – 27 Million (Voodoo)
16. Stray & Halogen – Rude Industry (??)
17. BTK – Drop It (Unsigned)
18. Raiden – Tricorn (Offkey)
19. S.I.N & Mutated Forms – Right Now (Unsigned)
20. Dakosa – Blood Moon (Different Music)
21. Raiden – Bogotá (Voodoo)
22. Digital, Raiden & Outrage – Trash Humpers (Temah)
23. Stray – Timbre VIP (Critical)
24. Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (Mototown)

Distraction To The Max Kiki

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I’m spent.  I’m burnt out and overly distracted.  When I get like that I just shut down and don’t want to do anything.  Too much stuff going on this week, so I took a break.  A much needed one at that.  Mental health is always more important than money people. 🙂

It’s Stunna’s bday today.  He is one of my favourite people ever.  Hope it’s a good one buddy. ❤

Happy Bday Stunna!

Mr. JosephBack On Earth

Today’s Oldie:
Dylan & FacsCeptorBiotic 1999
This was one of my fave records of 1999.  Just grimy and awesome.  Love it.

RaidenTjuun In Show 09/24/2010


01.Mad Rabbit – Down – By The River – Broken Audio
02.Raiden – Untitled – Unsigned
03.Raiden – Bogotá – Voodoo
04.Digital – Rubber Neck – Unknown
05.Icicle – Minimal Funk – Shogun
06.Raiden – Forbidden Fruit – Voodoo
07.Morphy & Ges E – Desert Dub – Unknown
08.Raiden – Roentgen – Architecture
09.Genotype – Few Too Many – ingredients
10. Raiden – Baptism Of Fire – Voodoo
11. Genotype Feat. Loxy – The Ital Lion – Exit
12. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Mist Burn – Influneza

Kiki Is Chillin

I’m easing back into my “Kiki, International Woman of Leisure” life quite comfortably. 😉

Not much to report.  Just hanging out and doing bullshit around the house that I haven’t done in a month.

RaidenOffkey Podcast July 2010


01. Raiden & Khanage – King Stays King (Icicle rmx) [OffKey]
02. Genotype – Balif [Unsigned]
03. Outrage – Seduction [Horizons]
04. Meth – Skank Dub [Unknown]
05. Cern & Dabs – What Remains [Project 51]
06. Genotype – Mystical Mentality [OffKey]
07. Raiden – Vo Dub [Critical]
08. Gremlinz & Friske – Natty Reese Thing [OffKey]
09. BTK – Thats What It Is – [Unsigned]
10. Raiden & Meth – The John Wilson Project [Backlash]
11. Dom & Keaton – Twisted City [Moving Shadow]
12. Loxy & Gremlinz – The Grouch [Unsigned]
13. Friske – No Evidence [Offkey]
14. Rockwell – L.F.T.M [Unknown]
15. Outrage – Twisted [Backlash]
16. Jeff mills – Untitled A1 [Axis]
17. Parliment – Aqua Boogie [Casablanca]
18. Johnny Cash – Lake Of Fire [Columbia]
19. Pink Floyd – Time [Capitol]

Slacker Kiki

Had a good weekend.  Don’t really feel like writing today though so I’ll have to tell you about it tomorrow. 🙂

RaidenExpo Mix Vol. 2
Love these Raiden mixes!


01. Jubei – Alignment {Metalheadz} 00:00
02. Rockwell – Full Cricle {ShogunLTD} 02:09
03. Meth – Perch {OffKey} 04:40
04. Raiden – Aquarius {Renegade Hardware} 07:43
05. Digital – Gateman {Phantom Audio} 10:58
06. S.P.Y – The Boy Who Cried Wolf {31recs} 14:55
07. Raiden – The Viper {OffKey} 16:54
08. Edward Oberon – Noir {31recs} 19:36
09. Rockwell – Drums {Digital Soundboy} 21:45
10. Digital & Outrage – Standfirm {Function} 24:16
11. Morphy – Turn the Tablas {Cylon} 27:08
12. Isotone – Hold on {Alchemy} 31:06
13. Meth & Raiden – Denim & Lace Combo {OffKey} 33:58
14. Spirit – Tone Two {Interactive} 37:12
15. Outrage – K Zero 9 {Backlash} 40:05
16. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Bare Tatics {Adapter Audio} 41:31
17. Raiden & Proket – Mig 29 {Unsigned} 43:41
18. Meth – Sleaze {OffKey} 46:55
19. Morphy & Edward Oberon – Voodoo Stew {Cylon} 49:15
20. Raiden – Danzon {Voodoo} 51:25
21. Rockwell – Stay Calm {Critical} 54:17
22. Raiden – Vo Dub {Unsigned} 56:27
22. Raiden & Khanage – Amnesia Haze {Voodoo} 58:58
23. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Mist Burn {Adapter Audio} 61:29

Identity Theft Kiki

Well I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary.  Someone did steal my card number but just used it to upgrade their yahoo mail account.  Nothing else.  There’s no pending charges so I guess I was lucky.  I needed a new card anyways so now I can kill two birds with one stone and get a new card and a new number.  I don’t really carry purses.  I’m more of a back pocket kinda girl so my id and my card are usually bent or broken in a short amount of time.

Matt Martin’s wedding was lovely.  Him and Leeann were so cute.  Good times.  I feel like I did a bunch of extended hanging out this weekend.  Mike is a perpetual gallivanter so usually when he’s here there are a lot of activities involved.  I didn’t partake in all of them cuz my finances don’t allow that kind of behaviour but I did go eat at Mana yesterday with him and the rest of the crew for dinner.  Yum.  So good.  A vegan/vegeterian’s dream.  Good cocktails too.

All in all a nice weekend.

Serum & BladerunnerJust A Beat

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreThink AgainSignature Records 2004

I am definitely looking forward to this.  Raiden has been killing it lately.
Raiden Expo Mix Vol. 1


01. Naibu – Fireflies (Seba remix) {Horizons}
02. Ulterior Motive, Fd & Keza – Sticky Tape {Subtitles}
03. Raiden – Muggy Waters {??}
04. Digital & Outrage – Red Letter {Function}
05. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Crazy Pill {??}
06. Martsman – Antique Antic {OffKey}
07. Nymfo – Social Isolation [31 recs]
08. Raiden – La Luna {Renegade Hardware}
09. Ulterior Motive – Glued {??}
10.Rockwell – Stowaway {Digital Soundboy}
11.Raiden – Roentgen {Architecture}
12.Commix – Belleview (DBridge rmx) {Metalheadz}
13.Propaganda & Meth – Stash {OffKey}
14.Ink – Mirage (Raiden & Khanage rmx) {Renegade Hardware}
15.Outrage – Armshouse {Function}
16.Spectrasoul – Mimic {Subtitles}
17.Raiden & Khanage – Amnesia Haze {OffKey}
18.Sunchase – Ultimate Survival {X-tinction Agenda}
19.Raiden & Khanage – 8798 {OffKey}
20.Morphy & 9 Tails – Disco {Tech Noir}
21.Raiden – Baptism of Fire {OffKey}
22.Katharsys – Walking Device {Barcode}
23.Loxy, Raiden & Khanage – In the Face of Adversity {OffKey}
24.Rockwell – Reverse Engineering {Darkestral}
25.Jeff Mills – Silence {Tresor}

Theraflu Kiki

Well I guess Theraflu was the cure all.  I actually feel physically better.  The cough is still there but at least I don’t feel like I’m dying.  Woot.

Raiden last night, woohoo.  There wasn’t really anyone there but his set was fire.  Awesome.  I’m definitely digging his style these days.

How is it friday?  Unemployment just blurs my days together and since I don’t really have anywhere to be, ever, I just kinda float through the week.  LOL.

The 48 hour film contest is this weekend.  Tonight I meet with the other screenwriters and we write the script.  Should be fun. 🙂

Sinistarr – Rolland Berry (track is in player)
Also check out the track in the bottom of his player. It doesn’t have a name just an underscore _________. Sick bizness.

Today’s Oldie:
Mampi Swift SoulTrue Playaz 1997
Oh man.  I learned my first crossfader tricks with this track.  Dope.  I’ve been waiting for a youtube clip to show up and finally here it is.

Implex & Podcast 20


01. Squash – Mr Peg Leg
02. Resound – Secrets (Sabre rmx)
03. Sabre – Leaf
04. Noisia – The Bells Of
05. Seba and Kirsty Hawkshaw – Devotion
06. Mindscape and Identity – Ice Breaker
07. Jade and Mindscape – Banshee
08. Fierce and Break – In Limbo
09. Jade feat Rymetyme – Venom
10. Receptor and Engage – Wi-fi waves
11. Fourward – Stick to the Rules
12. Maztek – Breakdown
13. InsideInfo – Ticker
14. Psidream and Pacific – Runway (Dose and Menace remix)
15. S.P.Y – Dark Corners
16. Heist – Barny Rubal
17. Enei – Zap Venue
18. Netsky – Tomorrows Another Day
19. Brookes Brothers – Desert Island
20. Electrosoul System – Ghost
22. Derrick, Tonika and Implex – Personal Diving
22. Naibu feat Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba remix)
23. Seba – Snow

Cough Suppressant Kiki

So I must admit I’ve been pretty poorly for the past week.  My allergies manifested themselves into this horrid cold and I’ve just been surviving.  Now it’s almost all gone apart from this nasty cough.  I guess I’m not taking the right medicine cuz this ish is not going anywhere.  I bought some theraflu so hopefully that helps.

If you’re in Chicago tonight go check out Raiden at Smart Bar.  Woot.

Paul SG – Living in the Past (track is in player)
I even annoy myself with how much I keep gushing about Paul SG.  I just dig his vibe.  He’s my current obsession so I guess you’ll just have to ride this one out like you do all the other ones. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalFunktionV Recordings 1998
I find it very strange that I haven’t put this as an oldie yet.  I prolly was avoiding putting the obvious ones and just forgot.  I have a list of all the oldies that I have posted so I don’t repeat and I looked on it and was like huh?  This is definitely one of my fave Ed Rush & Optical tunes.  Lovesit.

My buddy Hwilde informed me that the Nymfo mix I posted yesterday is ridden with emcee loudness.  Boo.  I apologise.  I didn’t listen to it.  I just posted it.  I told you I’m behind on listening. :”(

Here’s Bassdrive’s own Methodus with a summer treat.  Should be a good listen.

MethodusNatural Selection Summer 2009 Mix


. Lynx ft. Kemo – Global Enemies (Flaco Rmx) [Unreleased]
. Dave Owen & Glen E Ston – Jazz Collab [Unreleased]
. Calibre – What to do in These Times [Signature] ❤
. ATP – September (m25 Rmx) [Unreleased]
. Komatic & Technicolour – Innervision [Worldwide Audio]
. Atlantic Connection – Leaving Home (Hollywood mix) [Westbay]
. Bcee – Glitter Balls [Spearhead Recordings]
. Stunna – Face the Night [Unreleased]
. Zero T ft. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) [Integral]
. Magnafide – Shapes [Unreleased]
. Break – Enigma (Calibre Remix) [Quarantine]
. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Zero T Remix) [Dispatch]
. Zero T & Mosus ft. Steo – Call Waiting [Liquid V]
. Zyon Base – Ghetto Blues [Deep Soul Music]
. Joe Syntax – We Get By [BIOS dub]
. Beatchemist – Document 1 [Unreleased]

Funky Kiki

It’s funny how you can be completely oblivious about categories of music.  There’s just so damn many.  Just the other day Radiata used the term skullstep and I was completely clueless.  I’m so liquid funk til I die that most of these terms are lost on me.  Skullstep can pal up with clownstep as far as I’m concerned.  Just not my cup of tea.  I don’t like weird, noisy, scary, angry dnb.  This is something that you have definitely learned about me by now, right?  Pretty, pretty, pretty, that is definitely what Kiki is about. 😉

I was listening to 1xtra this weekend as I cleaned my place and I tuned in to Dj Target’s show.  He kept talking about UK Funky and I was unaware that this was a music category.  I recognised the tunes.  I am a Crazy Cousinz fan.  I think that I posted a track of theirs sometime last year even.  I was just unaware that they had a category name.  LOL.  Regardless I’m digging it. (Daniela I feel like you might like this genre.)  To be honest they were the types of non-dnb tracks that I was digging anyway.  I just like that now I can look under a specific category and prolly find stuff I like.

Loving this one right now.  Girly, pretty, dancey, wicked.  Woot.  Big up Meleka.

Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

Back in dnb land… I’m excited for the Raiden show here in Chicago on thursday.  Raiden has been popping back and forth thru Chicago as he goes on different legs of his tour.  I’ve been fortunate enough to hear different snippets of him practising and he sounds wicked.  Really good tracks and just overall nice mixing.  You cant be crap anyways when you’ve been around as long as he has.  He’ll be at Smart Bar tomorrow.  I’m not going to lie… I can do without the openers.  I’m sure they are wonderful people but I just don’t have the tolerance for noisy dnb anymore.  I am a senior citizen dammit.  Like I said at the beginning of this post rowdy, loud, noisy, scary dnb is no longer in my vocabulary.  I’m just going for his set. 🙂

I’m still trudging through mixes.  I’m so so behind.  LOL.  Bad Kiki.

SKS – Wiseman (track is in player)

Hiten – Turnover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutOverloadRenegade Hardware 2000
Loves it.

NymfoLive @ RBT


01. Spirit – Eastern Promises
02. Nymfo + Cern – Proton Pack
03. S.P.Y. – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
04. Break + Fierce – Hooligan
05. Nymfo – Social Isolation
06. SKC – Off Guard VIP
07. Proxima – Deep Space
08. Chris SU – Bandpassed
09. Nymfo – Flying Fortress
10. Martyn – Wonder Why
11. Break – Re-tech
12. S.P.Y. – Elite Squad
13. Phobia + Jubei – Cooper’s Dream
14. DJ Die – Clear Skyz (Break remix)
15. Icicle – Frozen
16. Ram Trilogy – Human Future
17. Lomax – Mercia
18. SpectraSoul – Mimic
19. Spirit – Spark
20. Proxima – Serengeti
21. Break – Empire
22. Dose + Menace – Pick Up
23. Ed Rush + Optical – Goodfoot
24. Proxima – You Ain’t Ready

Shakedown Kiki

CC has left the building, I repeat, CC has left the building.  Man, it was really awesome to have her here.  I definitely had a fun filled jam packed crazy 5 days.  Now back to my regular, boring, serious life where I have no job and have to get one ASAP.  Boo.

Shakedown is tonight with Tyler Straub.  Can you say woot?  Beatchemist is in town and Dave Owen is supposed to be coming too.  Can you say woot squared?  I have been missing in action from my drum and bass posse for almost a month.  I feel this is the perfect opportunity to make my comeback.  Woot cubed???  Ok…. definitely taking it too far.  😉

I’ve been listening to so much dnb so I’m excited to just go out and hear some good music.  Chi peoples, make your way to Lava this evening.  You won’t be disappointed.  Stunna and Lamebrane are playing too so your attendance is a must!

Modemellow – Feel Inside (track is in player)

Donnie DubsonSuper Marimba

Today’s Oldie:
Q ProjectSoul StarLiquid V 2005

Might as well continued the Shakedown mania.  Here’s Shakedown Mix #5.   I feel like I just wrote an extended radio ad for Shakedown.  Hee hee.  The kind that just goes on and on and on or better yet one of those One Nation ads you hear at the beginning of some mixes where Skibba does a bunch of rhyming and sneaks in a “woo ooo ha ha ha” and it rhymes with a string of sentences that were said at warp speed…  Hmmm you get the pic.  I’m just a wee bit too chatty this a.m., so lemme shut my trap now.


RaidenShakedown Mix #5


01. Electro SoulSystem Sunchase – Alluvion -???
02. Loxy & Isotone – Aciencts Cylon
03. Spirt – Smashed – Interactive
04. Raiden – M82 – OffKey
05. Ulterior Motive – Yogurt Brainwave – Subtitles
06. Digital – Blood Money (Amit & Outrage rmx) – Function
07. Rockwell – Drums – Digital Soundboy
08. Raiden – La Luna – Renegade Hardware
09. Ulterior Motive – Infrasonic – Subtitles
10.Raiden & Khanage – Amnesia Haze – 31 recs
11.Aspect & Gremlinz – Armshouse – Digital Soundboy
12.Meth & Raiden – Re-Up – OffKey
13.Ink – Mirage (Raiden & Khanage rmx) – Reneagde Hardware
14.Icicle – Frozen – Renegae Hardware
15.Rockwell – Snare Drum Awareness – Digital Soundboy
16.Raiden – Roentgen – Architechure
17.Raiden & Khanage – King Stays King – OffKey
18.Jubei – Trident – Interactive
19.Raiden – Hubble – OffKey
20.C4C – Scatter Brain – C4C