Distraction To The Max Kiki

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I’m spent.  I’m burnt out and overly distracted.  When I get like that I just shut down and don’t want to do anything.  Too much stuff going on this week, so I took a break.  A much needed one at that.  Mental health is always more important than money people. 🙂

It’s Stunna’s bday today.  He is one of my favourite people ever.  Hope it’s a good one buddy. ❤

Happy Bday Stunna!

Mr. JosephBack On Earth

Today’s Oldie:
Dylan & FacsCeptorBiotic 1999
This was one of my fave records of 1999.  Just grimy and awesome.  Love it.

RaidenTjuun In Show 09/24/2010


01.Mad Rabbit – Down – By The River – Broken Audio
02.Raiden – Untitled – Unsigned
03.Raiden – Bogotá – Voodoo
04.Digital – Rubber Neck – Unknown
05.Icicle – Minimal Funk – Shogun
06.Raiden – Forbidden Fruit – Voodoo
07.Morphy & Ges E – Desert Dub – Unknown
08.Raiden – Roentgen – Architecture
09.Genotype – Few Too Many – ingredients
10. Raiden – Baptism Of Fire – Voodoo
11. Genotype Feat. Loxy – The Ital Lion – Exit
12. Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat – Mist Burn – Influneza


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