Theraflu Kiki

Well I guess Theraflu was the cure all.  I actually feel physically better.  The cough is still there but at least I don’t feel like I’m dying.  Woot.

Raiden last night, woohoo.  There wasn’t really anyone there but his set was fire.  Awesome.  I’m definitely digging his style these days.

How is it friday?  Unemployment just blurs my days together and since I don’t really have anywhere to be, ever, I just kinda float through the week.  LOL.

The 48 hour film contest is this weekend.  Tonight I meet with the other screenwriters and we write the script.  Should be fun. 🙂

Sinistarr – Rolland Berry (track is in player)
Also check out the track in the bottom of his player. It doesn’t have a name just an underscore _________. Sick bizness.

Today’s Oldie:
Mampi Swift SoulTrue Playaz 1997
Oh man.  I learned my first crossfader tricks with this track.  Dope.  I’ve been waiting for a youtube clip to show up and finally here it is.

Implex & Podcast 20


01. Squash – Mr Peg Leg
02. Resound – Secrets (Sabre rmx)
03. Sabre – Leaf
04. Noisia – The Bells Of
05. Seba and Kirsty Hawkshaw – Devotion
06. Mindscape and Identity – Ice Breaker
07. Jade and Mindscape – Banshee
08. Fierce and Break – In Limbo
09. Jade feat Rymetyme – Venom
10. Receptor and Engage – Wi-fi waves
11. Fourward – Stick to the Rules
12. Maztek – Breakdown
13. InsideInfo – Ticker
14. Psidream and Pacific – Runway (Dose and Menace remix)
15. S.P.Y – Dark Corners
16. Heist – Barny Rubal
17. Enei – Zap Venue
18. Netsky – Tomorrows Another Day
19. Brookes Brothers – Desert Island
20. Electrosoul System – Ghost
22. Derrick, Tonika and Implex – Personal Diving
22. Naibu feat Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba remix)
23. Seba – Snow


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