Kiki = She-Ra

Had a pretty good weekend.  Summer’s are fun.  I love the sporadic spree of activities that come about.

I participated in the scriptwriting for that film contest and had a blast.

Went to Milwaukee on saturday to visit Dan and Monica and the kiddies and that was lovely just cuz I like my friends a lot.

Sunday, me and Caroline ventured to Ikea and got a bookcase that was a lot bigger and heavier than we thought it would be once we had put it together but we managed.  I believe in my She-Ra powers dammit!   I know this is a common thing discussed with Ikea products, but is it really that hard to write one sentence that explains how to put your shit together?  Sometimes one sentence can save the day people.

Spent  the rest of the day kicking it with Jessica and Joia and went to Wicker Park Fest.  Is the barrage of summer street festivals over yet?

Lenzman feat. Jo-S – Coincidence (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Ben SageAll About YouGain Recordings 2003
So trancey, so ravey but, heck, I still love it! It has that Tracie Spencer sample fom 1999 and I can’t get enough of it. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

RezaInfluenza Podcast 13 July 2009


01.  Atmospherix,Eros & Grimm – Layback (tbc)
02.  Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother – Night on Earth (dub)
03.  Glen E Ston – Glow A.M (dub)
04.  m25, The Square & First Function – On The South (Jynx remix) (dub)
05.  Madmen & Poets ft. Paul SG – Rainy Day
06.  Well Being – I Heart U (influenza dub)
07.  NotioN – Someone’s – (Urban Chemistry dub)
08.  BCee – Cultural Shift (dub)
09.  Submorphics & Pipeline- High Card (dub)
10.  Well Being – Storms By Street Light (influenza dub)
11.  Mutt and Sconeboy – Private Eyes (influenza dub)
12.  Glen E Ston & Flaco – She Got Me (dub)
13.  Komatic – Now Shes Free (dub)
14.  Mikal – You’re The One (dub)

15) Donnie Dubson – Battlecat (influenza dub

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