Wedding Kiki

Friday has showed up yet again… why does she keep doing that?  Is this how unemployment is the whole time you’re on it?  The days just blurr together?  Seems like it to me.  🙂

Matt Martin’s wedding is tomorrow.  There is definite fun to be had.  It’s amazing that as many weddings as I go to as I get older I still have no desire to get married.  I just don’t see it happening.  I’m never like “oh I want that.”  My aversion must be uber strong with the amount of weddings I’ve been to in the past 2 years and still haven’t changed my mind.  LOL.  Diamonds are nice though. 😉

Spectrasoul – How Strange I Was (track is in player)

Dkay & Lee Tuning VIP (track is in Brigand Music player)
I heard this a really long time ago in a mix and was digging it.  I’m happy that it’s finally coming out.

Today’s Oldie:
Kaos, Karl K feat. Jae KennedyAll Night Long (Matrix & Fierce Remix) – Circle Recordings 2004
I really love this record.  I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons is because it samples one of my fave Daft Punk songs High Life.  It’s just kind of a happy track. ❤

I never got around to listening to the other mix of his that was floating around but this tracklist looks good so it’s worth a shot.
Jo-SDNBB Podcast 5 August 2009


01 – Drifta – Let’s Stay In Tonight [Dub]
02 – BCee – Consumed (Logistics Remix) [Spearhead]
03 – Zezo & Two Cents – Summer Jam (Calculon Remix) [Dub]
04 – Mutt feat. Grimm – You and Me [Good Looking Records]
05 – Dave Shichman – Other Mellow Colors [Luv Disaster]
06 – Enei vs. Implex – Spring Tune [Respect Records]
07 – Giorgiolive, Will & Wes & feat. Rafael Ponde – Morena do Mar [Beats Connection]
08 – The Insiders – All The Way [Dub]
09 – Jo-s – Ecliptic [Dub]
10 – Nusense – Integra [Future Thinkin]
11 – BCee feat. Jo-s – Mr. Bidigan [Spearhead]
12 – Nymfo – Kansas City Shuffle [Dub]
13 – Dramatic – Melodifunk [Dub]
14 – Spectrasoul – Tender Doubt [Celsius]
15 – Giorgiolive, Will & Wes feat. Eugenia Craviotto – São Paulo Nights [Beats Connection]
16 – Carl Matthes feat. Migliz – Broken Silence [Vampire]
17 – Submorphics & Random Movement – Strange Journey [Dub]
18 – Simplification – Old Times [DNBB]


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