Kiki Claus

It’s xmas eve.  All presents are wrapped.  I’m all packed and ready to dip.  I’m at work right now.  I only have to work a half day so I came in at 7 and will be leaving at 11.  My brothers and sisters are here in Chicago.  They are just waiting for me to get off work and then we’re going to caravan to Madison.  Safe travels to everyone that’s heading home today.

Artificial IntelligenceCrocodile I’ve heard this one before but didn’t know who it was.  I like it.

Today’s Oldie:
KelisTrick Me (A.I. Remix) Virgin 2004
I figured I might as well double and do an oldie from A.I. as well.  I know this one isn’t that old but it’s still a good one.  I love Kelis and I love A.I. so how can you go wrong? I like it cuz it’s a cute, girly, happy go lucky tune.  It’s nice to have those in the mix once in a while. 🙂

June MillerExperimental Mix 2008


01.   Sabre – Decorum (Darkestral dub)
02.   Loxy & Resound – Part Human (Cylon dub)
03.   Resound – Rude Time (dub)
04.   Isotone – Hold On (Alchemy dub)
05.   Edward Oberon – White Scarf (Cylon dub)
06.   Despot – No Future (Eternia dub)
07.   Bop – Idea (Sonorous)
08.   Instra:mental – Hunter (Soul:R)
09.   Loxy & Resound – Typecast [June Milller Remix]
10.   Lomax – Too Real (DAT)
11.   Commix & Nu:Tone – Ghost Snare (Hospital)
12.   Syntax – Citrate Riddim (dub)
13.   S.P.Y. – Playing with Knives (Cylon dub)
14.   June Miller – Poison the Well (Cylon dub)
15.   Yann Tiersen – Coma [June Miller rework] (dub)
16.   June Miller – Melting Hearts (dub)
17.   June Miller & Chillum – Frost (dub)
18.   June Miller – Sugarstick (dub)

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