Last Night….

This song is horrible.  I know this but I still love it.  I’ve already told you that I have no qualms about admitting my penchant for bad music.  

My head hurts.  I don’t know where my phone is.  I don’t know where my camera is.  Hmmm.  Last night = good times I guess right?  Really though.  I had a really good time mixing.  Fun times indeed.  I’m hoping my crap is at Stunna’s house.

Axiom Sputnik

Today’s Oldie:
CommixUndiscoLiquid V 2005

Ross Podcast #2


01. Ross D – Smooth Talker [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
02. Crix – Disco [Dub] 
03. Ross D – The Music [Liquid Brilliants]
04. The Funktastics – Private World [Spin Recordings]
05. Greg Packer – Talk to Kenny [Interphase Digital]
06. Random Movement, Noah D, Mixmaster Doc, Focus – Sacrifice [Innerground Dub] 
07. The Funktastics – Moanin’ [Spin Recordings]
08. Peyo – Old Times [Good Looking Records]
09. Kaleidoscopio – Você Me Apareceu (Gui Boratto remix) [Irma]
10. Ross D – Love Child [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
11. Ross D – To the Stars [Playloop Records Dub (“Musical D-lite” album)]
12. Random Movement – Back in My Life [Innerground Dub]

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