Garden State Kiki

Going to New Jersey today for my nephew’s christening.  Will be nice to get out of Chi and hang out with the fam.

Have a good weekend.

Zero T & BaileyWasp Factory (track is in Zero T player)

Hydro – Head First (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceChill PillMetalheads 1995
Alex Reece FTW.

Random Movement Podcast #7


Godfarm & AMCA – Bluetone (Makoto Remix)
Paul SG & Recline – Red Flag Rose
Blue Motion & Grimm – Burning For U
Command Strange – Smiles
Clart – Primo
Submorphics – Step in the Spot (feat. Self Says)
Young Ax – Breakaway
Mutt – Better Living
S.P.Y – System Crash
Zero T & Mosus – Shallow Grave
Jaybee – This Version
S.P.Y – Hot Spot
Hold Tight – Lounge (DC Breaks Remix)
Bassface Sascha – Sweetest Thang
Random Movement – Escape From a Past Life
DJ SS – Black (Bladerunner Remix)
Total Science & S.P.Y – Gangsta
Marky, Makoto & Sonic – Holy Tuesday
Redeyes – Poetry in Motion (Utah Jazz Remix)
Submorphics – Postmodern Sound
Total Science & S.P.Y – Venus Prime
Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Ruffled Feathers
Exocet – Demon Seed (Insiders Remix)
Netsky – I Refuse (Shock One Remix)
Beta 2 – Cabin Fever
BTK & S.P.Y – Save Me
Need For Mirrors – Swallow (Jeep Beat Mix)
Dr. D – Knowledge
Clart – Hatch
MixMaster Doc – Lingam
Total Science – Trespass
Glen E. Ston – Black On Ice
Dan White – Lookin Good
Paul SG – Can’t Stop Tonight (feat MC Fava)
Mjazzy – Zumbi dos Palmares
Utah Jazz – Comfort Zone
Paul B – Whisper
The Insiders – 9th Avenue
Need For Mirrors – Prism


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