Airport Kiki

Early morning.  Leaving Jersey.  All packed just waiting for everyone else to get their ish together.  Figured I’d squeeze in a quick post.  Good times with the fam.

Tokyo ProseSamurai Music Bassdrive March 2010
Already listened to this.  Loved it.  Really good mix. 🙂


Calibre – Judgement Day feat DRS [Samurai Red Seal]
FD, Hydro & Keza – Canopy [Critical]
ASC & Method One – Deadlock [???]
Tokyo Prose – Rose Without Rain [Samurai Red Seal]
System – The Divers Dream [Warm Communications]
Lenzman – Flamethrower [Soul:r]
Ben E – Shallow [Deepsoulmusic]
Dan Habarnam – Radio Hanoi [Sonorous]
Calibre – Steptoe [Signature]
Insight – Cicada Rock [Commercial Suicide]
NotioN & Nusense – The End of Hope [Broken Audio]
Nymfo – Greetings Starfighter [Samurai Music]
Soul Intent – Be Strong [Samurai Music]
Marky & S.P.Y – Time Moves On [Digital Soundboy]
War – Shapeshifter [Broken Audio]
HLZ – After Dark Feat Fats [???]
FD & Keza – Cougars [CIA]
Lenzman – Fade Away (feat Jo-s) [Soul:r]
Luca – Canal City [???]
Nether – Form Is Emptiness [???]
Spectrasoul – Bygones [Shogun]
Sinistarr – Anorak (Lynx Remix) [Nu Directions]
Marky & S.P.Y – Riff Raff [Digital Soundboy]
Anile – Orthodox [Cylon]
Genotype – A Sign Of Madness [Broken Audio]
Nymfo – 8 Band [Samurai Music]
Nphonix & Enei – MZK [Deepsoulmusic]
FD & Script – White Horse [CIA]
AI & dBridge – 3’s a Crowd [V Recordings]
Calibre – Silence [Signature]
Tokyo Prose – All You Want [Samurai Red Seal]


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