Incommunicado Kiki

So I’m going to be computerless for the rest of the week.  If my old laptop cooperates then I’ll post but I can’t guarantee that it’ll happen.  I’m at my brother’s using his right now.  This not having a computer for the rest of the week will  be very interesting as I spend pretty much all my time online.  I might actually have to… *gasp*  leave the house! 😉

Electrosoul System – Liquid Metal (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J MajikLush LifeInfrared Records 1995

SoultecSoultec Podcast #1


Spectrasoul – Bygones – Shogun
Blade & Dynamic – Fade To Black
Stereotype & Will Miles – Herbie
dRamatic & dbAudio – Together Tonight
SoulTec – The Summer Collection
Naibu – Along (Zero T Remix) – Horizons
ST.Files – Weight Down – Dispatch
jaybee – Without Reason (soulTec RMX)
SPY – Rebirth – Soul:r
LM1 – Sentience
jaybee – This Version
Friction & K-Tee – Overtime (Spectrasoul RMX) – Shogun
Blade – just A Little More
Oberon – Paradise – Creative Source
SoulTec, dRamatic & dbAudio – Smokers Suite – Jazzsticks Dub
Andy Sim – Palm Trees (Brother Remix) – Think Deep Dub
Moody – Empyrean (soulTec Remix) – Redmist Dub

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