I wonder how many silly Friday associations I can come up with for titles.  I’m pretty sure I’m running out already.

So apparently my co-worker has had a nervous breakdown and that’s why she hasn’t been in for the past 5 days. Sorry to hear that but it still sucks that we’ve had to do her work all week.

Yay, the weekend’s here. The novelty is wearing off. I’m still excited but it’s not a shock anymore that I don’t work on the weekends.

I would like to include going to see the new Ricky Gervais movie as part of my weekend activities. It’s no secret that I have a crush on that dude. LOL. It’s an intellectual crush. I don’t want to make out with him or anything. I just think he is such a good writer and ridiculously funny. I laugh a lot. It’s an everyday part of my life. I just think a lot of things about life in general are super funny. He seems to point out those things and highlight them constantly and there are so few people who are able to focus on shit like that in an intelligent manner.

Some more jammers:

Submorphics – California Suite (I’m super into Greg’s stuff. I’ve mentioned that before. I know he’s my friend but I don’t just rate his stuff because of that. He became my friend through my loving his production and him living in my neighbourhood, therefore I am able to harass him by talking about his tracks constantly. 😉 It’s just the kind of dnb I like. Track is in the player)

Smote – Off The Wall (No sample for this one but check out his other tracks in his player. Really great stuff.)

Squash – HiFi (Don’t really know much about him but I really like this track.)

Have a great weekend!


Paul SGBios Records Free Studio Mix September 2008

(I’m extremely excited to listen to this mix.  I love Paul SG)


01. munk – circles of hell – bios
02. kleer, zeal & litta – clear seas – influenza dub
03. paul sg & mortem – fallen angel – dub
04. paul sg – changing mind – redmist dub
05. decem – donґt sleep – bios
06. hobzee & zyon base – sad song – influenza dub
07. andy sim – hope – dub
08. paul sg – touch – dub
09. paul sg – slippers – breakthesurface
10. lomax & focus – 5 weeks – bingo
11. eveson – revert – dsm
12. paul sg & caine – memphis blues – dub
13. paul sg & caine – faces dissapeared – dub
14. paul sg – grey skin – influenza dub
15. spectrasoul – the tube – shogun
16. ben e – modern warfare – dub
17. implex & enei – iceberg – dub
18. do the math – strut – golden orb
19. stereotype – say yes – bios

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