Twin Cities Kiki

I’m kinda excited for my Minnesota trip this week.  Did I already tell you I was going?  I don’t remember.  Anyways.  I’m going to Minneapolis this week.  Just to go hang out and see friends.  It’ll be fun. 🙂

BladerunnerBack To The Jungle

Beta 2 – Release (track is in player)

Phil TangentLunar

Today’s Oldie:
Craggz & Parallel ForcesFly LifeValve Recordings

Dj FlightPlay:Musik Promo Mix for DOA


Redeyes ‘Moves’ [play:musik]
L.I.S ‘Apple Fingers’ [play:musik]
Bal ‘Sweet Lips’ [White]
Insight ‘What Do I Care?’ [play:musik]
RedEyes ‘Sitting Back’ [play:musik]
Craggz & Parallel ‘Release’ [Product]
Capone ‘Friday’ [Hardleaders]
Need For Mirrors ft Stapleton ‘Greazy’ [V Recordings]
Skream ‘Motorway’ [Exit]
Proxima ‘Envy’ [play:musik]
Fracture & Neptune ‘The Limit’ [Astrophonica]
Barney Trouble ‘High Level Road’ [White]
Mosus & S.P.Y ‘Hundreds’ [play:musik]
Devlin ‘Brainwashed (Breakage’s Gutter Funk Mix)’ [Island]
Craggz & Parallel ‘Chamber’ [Product]
Sinistarr ft Agzilla ‘Emo’ [play:musik]
ASC ‘Metronomic’ [White]
Deep Blue ‘Immersion (Remix)’ [White]
Dan HabarNam ‘12 And Salty’ [play:musik]
Genotype ‘Dubwiser’ [Exit]
Mindmapper & Flatliners ‘Lemon Haze’ [White]
Crystal Fighters ‘In The Summer (dBridge’s In The Shade Remix)’ [White]
Mousse T ‘Monotony (Triad Remix)’ [White]
ICR ‘Sweet Smell Syringa’ [play:musik]


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