Nonstop Kiki

The best part about living in a big city in the summer is the nonstop activities.  I feel like this summer is endless and I love it.  That’s prolly why when the summer comes to an end everyone is disappointed.  There is just a ridiculous amount of things to do.  It’s awesome.

This weekend seemed so long.  I had a blast.  Pitchfork was great.  You can’t beat outdoor drinking and music for 9 hours.  Judy’s bday was lovely.  You also can’t beat good times with friends. ❤ Judy

Jerona FruitsKongkast 119


01. The Burbs- That sound (Jerona Digital forthcoming)
02. DJ Hazard- All I can say (Ganja)3. 8 Bits – On your mind Feat Riya (Digital Soundboy)
04. D-Bridge – Lost Shadow (Unreleased)
05. The Burbs – All Get down (Dub)
06. Madmen and Poets – Above the rim {Naibu Rmx} (Fokuz)
07. Eveson – Get your swerve on (Integral)
08. Utah Jazz – Bring back the love Feat. Version (Vintage)
09. The Burbs – Inferno 1001 (Dub)
10. The Funktion – The unknown (Run DNB)
11. Andyskopes and Mr Joseph – Stalker (Dub)
12. The Burbs – Crapham (Dub)
13. Netsky – Pirate Bay (Hospital Dub)
15. Bcee and SPY – Is anybody out there (Spearhead)
16. 8 Bits – So Good (Digital Soundboy)
17. Electrosoulsystem – Asteroids (Soundtrax)
18. D-Bridge – If you want to cry (Unreleased)
19. The Burbs – Therapy No 1 (Dub)
20. Glen E Ston – Above the clouds (IM:LTD)


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