Queen Bee Kiki

Is the Queen Bee the busiest?  I’m pretending she is, cuz that’s me.  Work, school, work, school, work, school… you get the gist.  With my schedule like this, this summer might not be as cool as I want it to be.  😦  I’m going to try my damndest to at least have some fun though.  There are way too many patios calling my name!  That’s my favourite part of summer, meeting my friends for some drinks and just kicking it on a patio in the nice weather.

Reisha moved in and that’s awesome.  It’s nice to live with someone who you’ve been friends with for 8 years.  I will miss Caroline though.  She was a good roomie.

We had a taste of summer for a couple of days and now it’s back to grey, 66 degrees and rainy.  Can you say boo?  Ultra lame.

You know what’s not lame?  Dnb!  I’ve been compiling lists upon lists of tunes that I’m digging.  There’s so many!  I’m really lovin what’s out right now.  I need to attend a big show so I can hear them on a loud sound system.

Remember, I’m still catching up on listening to the mixes I’ve downloaded, so if a tune is old to you, it’s new to me, since I’m only just now hearing it. 🙂

SkepticalCold One (Jubei Remix)
Is this out??  I need it! How come I’m only hearing it now??  My obsession with Jubei continues.  Loves him.

Will Miles – Sounded Like A Dream
This tune rules.  Lovely, summery, liquidy vibe. 

Komatic & TechnicolorThose Feelings

Need For Mirrors – Punch Drunk

Sick.  ❤

Ayah MararFollow You (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
This I definitely need to hear on the dancefloor.  Makes me wanna brock out every time the bassline kick in.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
Atlantic ConnectionRocksteadyWestbay Recordings 2007
I’m in a girly mood today.  Nice melody.

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 17


Andyskopes – Must stay strong (Jerona Digital)
Sinistarr – Mainstay (Metalheadz)
Heavy1 – Xiphactinus [Lenzman Rmx] (DMND)
Icicle – Nausea (Shogun)
The Burbs – Zone out (Jerona Fruits Dub)
??? – Breathe [Stunna Rmx] (Dub)
Joe Syntax – Sightlines feat Jono Mcleery (Medschool)
Wilkinson – Everytime (Ram)
The Burbs – Abadon (Jerona Fruits Dub)
The Burbs & Wutussi 87 – Do the dam (Jerona Fruits Dub)
SPY – Turn the lights off (Hospital)
The Burbs – My Shadow (Jerona Fruits Dub)
Noisia & Phace – Program (Vision)
Taxman – Dreamland (Playaz)

Beer School Kiki

Beer school at work… Too much beer.  Eek.

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 14


Babylon timewarp – Durban poison [Bladerunner remix] (36 Hertz)
Blu Mar Ten- Overwhelm [Seba Rmx] (BMT)
Mindscape – Bounce (Commercial Suicide)
The Burbs- Thank You (Jerona Fruits Dub)
System- Observation Point (Exit)
MI:ST Feat DRS- Clockwork (Soul:R)
The Burbs- Untitled (Dub)
C4C- Synergy (C4C Digital)
Origin Unknown- Lunar Bass [Commix Rmx] (Ram)
The Burbs- Ocean (Jerona Fruits dub)
Phace & Misanthrop- Desert orgy (Neosignal)
Marcus Intalex- So Good (31 recs)
Data- Compassion (Metalheadz)
D-Bridge & Spectrasoul- Glimpse (Shogun)
They Live- Pure Palms (Non Plus)

Nonstop Kiki

The best part about living in a big city in the summer is the nonstop activities.  I feel like this summer is endless and I love it.  That’s prolly why when the summer comes to an end everyone is disappointed.  There is just a ridiculous amount of things to do.  It’s awesome.

This weekend seemed so long.  I had a blast.  Pitchfork was great.  You can’t beat outdoor drinking and music for 9 hours.  Judy’s bday was lovely.  You also can’t beat good times with friends. ❤ Judy

Jerona FruitsKongkast 119


01. The Burbs- That sound (Jerona Digital forthcoming)
02. DJ Hazard- All I can say (Ganja)3. 8 Bits – On your mind Feat Riya (Digital Soundboy)
04. D-Bridge – Lost Shadow (Unreleased)
05. The Burbs – All Get down (Dub)
06. Madmen and Poets – Above the rim {Naibu Rmx} (Fokuz)
07. Eveson – Get your swerve on (Integral)
08. Utah Jazz – Bring back the love Feat. Version (Vintage)
09. The Burbs – Inferno 1001 (Dub)
10. The Funktion – The unknown (Run DNB)
11. Andyskopes and Mr Joseph – Stalker (Dub)
12. The Burbs – Crapham (Dub)
13. Netsky – Pirate Bay (Hospital Dub)
15. Bcee and SPY – Is anybody out there (Spearhead)
16. 8 Bits – So Good (Digital Soundboy)
17. Electrosoulsystem – Asteroids (Soundtrax)
18. D-Bridge – If you want to cry (Unreleased)
19. The Burbs – Therapy No 1 (Dub)
20. Glen E Ston – Above the clouds (IM:LTD)

Football Hooligans Kiki

So working the World Cup at Smallbar is a blast.  Tiring but definitely a blast.  I’ve just kinda been holed up there for the past couple of days so I really haven’t had time to write.  Today is my day off and then I head back again tomorrow.  The shifts are long shifts but enjoyable.  The USA v. England game was pure insanity. Loved it.

Luca – Saint Bond (track is in player)

Jerona Fruits Podcast Volume 5
Not the best sound quality but you know I love these dudes.  Too funny. 🙂


The Burbs- Crapham (Dub)
Total Science feat Riya- Redlines (Critical)
Twisted Individual- Gimp Mask {Marky & Spy rmx] (Grid)
The Burbs- Therapy No 1 (Dub)
K-Dan- Heal us all [Naibu Rmx] (Hustle Audio Dub)
Bcee & Spy- Nothing to declare (Spearhead Dub)
Break & Survival- Dawn (DNAudio)
Gemini- Electric Rain (Breed 12 inches)
Marky & Bungle- No time to love (Innerground)
The Burbs feat Curtis James- Oceans (Dub)
Nero- Electron (MTA)
Andyskopes & Mr Joseph- Call to arms (Dub)

Break Out The Shorts Kiki

Okay not really, but a high of 58 is so exciting!  I’m just so ready to hang up my peacoat/winter coat.  It’s supposed to rain for most of the day but that still doesn’t bother me with a high of almost 60.  Also I’m too stingy to spend money on a carwash and so I’m excited that my car won’t be that dirty anymore.  Juju was in my car recently and was like “Are your windshield wipers not working?”  LOL.  That’s how dirty my car is.  There’s just a layer of muck permanently stuck there.  Hopefully the rain helps it not be so ugly and filthy.

Dj Clart – Primo (track is in player)

Radicall – Chimera (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dred Bass feat. The JBWorld of Music (N.C. Remix)Back 2 Basics Records 1995

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 2 “Ghostbusters 3”
These guys are straight jokers!  I love listening to their podcasts.  Too funny.

Mick Smiley- Magic (Ghostbusters soundtrack)
Optiv- Deviant (Bad Taste)
The Burbs- Carpet Angles (Jerona Fruits Dub)
Netsky- I refuse [Shock One rmx] (Spearhead)
Dkay & Concept- In your name (Brigand)
Mijatoho- Something True (Jerona Fruits)
The Burbs- Anything (Jerona Digital Dub)
Naibu- Discrete (Horizons)
Edward Oberon- Paradise (Creative Source)
Gridlok & Origin- 2 Tone (Bad taste)
Adam F feat. Guru- Karma [High contrast rmx] (BBK)

Same Old Hat

I had a pretty uneventful weekend.   Not necessarily boring, just pretty average.

Brother & Zyon Base125th Street
Heard this one a while ago but never had a sample to share.

Today’s Oldie:
Tom & JerryMaxi(mun) StyleShell 1994

Thanks to fellow dnb lover dskyzer for helping to narrow down the mix hunt. 🙂
Jerona FruitsNu Urban Podcast Volume 6
Absolute jokers, good tunes.

01. Blumarten – If I could tell you
02. Eveson – Spirit (Silent Witness rmx)
03. Culture Shock – Imax (Ram)
04. Brookes Bros & Culture Shock – Smoothie (Ram)
05. Matt Domino – Paper Cut (Jerona Digital)
06. Blumarten – Close (dub)
07. Sabre – Floating Source (Jerona Fruits)
08. Cyantific – Heart Beating (Hospital)
09. Tim Green ????
10. Flying Lotus – Tealeaf Dancers
11. Luca – The Red Sky (Samurai Music)
12. Human Factor – Sensation (Allsorts)
13. The Burbs – South London Sound (Brand:Nu dub)
14. Bal – All City (Brand:Nu dub)
15. Andyskopes – Bucktown (Jerona Digital Dub)
16. FX909 – Bad Attitude (Jerona Fruits)
17. Blumarten – All Over Again Sabre Rmx (Exceptonial Records)
18. Dirtyphonix – Quarks (Audioporn)
19. Woogie – End dub DZ Rmx (Aufect Recordings)