Break Out The Shorts Kiki

Okay not really, but a high of 58 is so exciting!  I’m just so ready to hang up my peacoat/winter coat.  It’s supposed to rain for most of the day but that still doesn’t bother me with a high of almost 60.  Also I’m too stingy to spend money on a carwash and so I’m excited that my car won’t be that dirty anymore.  Juju was in my car recently and was like “Are your windshield wipers not working?”  LOL.  That’s how dirty my car is.  There’s just a layer of muck permanently stuck there.  Hopefully the rain helps it not be so ugly and filthy.

Dj Clart – Primo (track is in player)

Radicall – Chimera (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dred Bass feat. The JBWorld of Music (N.C. Remix)Back 2 Basics Records 1995

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 2 “Ghostbusters 3”
These guys are straight jokers!  I love listening to their podcasts.  Too funny.

Mick Smiley- Magic (Ghostbusters soundtrack)
Optiv- Deviant (Bad Taste)
The Burbs- Carpet Angles (Jerona Fruits Dub)
Netsky- I refuse [Shock One rmx] (Spearhead)
Dkay & Concept- In your name (Brigand)
Mijatoho- Something True (Jerona Fruits)
The Burbs- Anything (Jerona Digital Dub)
Naibu- Discrete (Horizons)
Edward Oberon- Paradise (Creative Source)
Gridlok & Origin- 2 Tone (Bad taste)
Adam F feat. Guru- Karma [High contrast rmx] (BBK)


One thought on “Break Out The Shorts Kiki

  1. lol @ that night. i felt so bad after asking you that.

    i agree about the rain tho. can wait another couple weeks to wash the car now that mother nature has decided to help me out. 8)

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