Football Hooligans Kiki

So working the World Cup at Smallbar is a blast.  Tiring but definitely a blast.  I’ve just kinda been holed up there for the past couple of days so I really haven’t had time to write.  Today is my day off and then I head back again tomorrow.  The shifts are long shifts but enjoyable.  The USA v. England game was pure insanity. Loved it.

Luca – Saint Bond (track is in player)

Jerona Fruits Podcast Volume 5
Not the best sound quality but you know I love these dudes.  Too funny. 🙂


The Burbs- Crapham (Dub)
Total Science feat Riya- Redlines (Critical)
Twisted Individual- Gimp Mask {Marky & Spy rmx] (Grid)
The Burbs- Therapy No 1 (Dub)
K-Dan- Heal us all [Naibu Rmx] (Hustle Audio Dub)
Bcee & Spy- Nothing to declare (Spearhead Dub)
Break & Survival- Dawn (DNAudio)
Gemini- Electric Rain (Breed 12 inches)
Marky & Bungle- No time to love (Innerground)
The Burbs feat Curtis James- Oceans (Dub)
Nero- Electron (MTA)
Andyskopes & Mr Joseph- Call to arms (Dub)


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