Same Old Hat

I had a pretty uneventful weekend.   Not necessarily boring, just pretty average.

Brother & Zyon Base125th Street
Heard this one a while ago but never had a sample to share.

Today’s Oldie:
Tom & JerryMaxi(mun) StyleShell 1994

Thanks to fellow dnb lover dskyzer for helping to narrow down the mix hunt. 🙂
Jerona FruitsNu Urban Podcast Volume 6
Absolute jokers, good tunes.

01. Blumarten – If I could tell you
02. Eveson – Spirit (Silent Witness rmx)
03. Culture Shock – Imax (Ram)
04. Brookes Bros & Culture Shock – Smoothie (Ram)
05. Matt Domino – Paper Cut (Jerona Digital)
06. Blumarten – Close (dub)
07. Sabre – Floating Source (Jerona Fruits)
08. Cyantific – Heart Beating (Hospital)
09. Tim Green ????
10. Flying Lotus – Tealeaf Dancers
11. Luca – The Red Sky (Samurai Music)
12. Human Factor – Sensation (Allsorts)
13. The Burbs – South London Sound (Brand:Nu dub)
14. Bal – All City (Brand:Nu dub)
15. Andyskopes – Bucktown (Jerona Digital Dub)
16. FX909 – Bad Attitude (Jerona Fruits)
17. Blumarten – All Over Again Sabre Rmx (Exceptonial Records)
18. Dirtyphonix – Quarks (Audioporn)
19. Woogie – End dub DZ Rmx (Aufect Recordings)


2 thoughts on “Same Old Hat

  1. yeah if ya can find any of thier earlier podcasts by googling it will be worth your while,,they do some hilarious spoofs of “friends” ect,,the labels pretty good to allthough they dont release to often :(,,if you cant find the earlier sets i may be able to help ? cheers 🙂

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