Glowstick Kiki

I frequently think about how strange it is that I rave out to dnb at 5 a.m.

This morning’s gym selections were Stunna & Submorphics’ WMC mix (sorry I don’t have a link for this one) and Alegria’s Influenza mix.  I worked out to Alegria but listened to S & S in my car on the drive there.  I actually stayed in my car after I parked to listen to S & S because the mix was almost over and I wanted to hear the end, even though I’ve listened to it numerous times before.  It’s just a really good mix and I was totally in the zone.  I totally got that feeling after you would get home from a rave and it would be ass crack o clock.

I think one of my fondest memories is after one of the times I saw Andy C.  It was back in ’99.  The rave was called Mental and it was at the Roy Wilkins in St. Paul, MN.  I left the auditorium at 8 a.m. was pretty much deaf cuz the sound was insane and couldn’t have been more content to go to bed yet I was definitely on cloud nine from all the good music I had heard that night.  I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning I guess.  😉

Brother – Dig Deep (track is in player)
I’ve liked this one for a while.  Paul SG played it on his show recently and it reminded me how much I liked it.

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CMind KillerRam Records 2001
Might as well have another Andy C oldie right?  He’s coming to Smart Bar on the 17th.  Stunna is playing so I’ll prolly go.  To be honest though I’m more a fan of Andy C of yesteryear not necessarily of the Andy C of today. *shrugs*  This oldie is another of my faves for sure.  It was the track that I played the most on this Ram Raiders Part 3 release.  I’ve said it before, I really like the tracks that Andy C and Shimon make together.  🙂

StunnaFen Entertainment Mix Autumn 2009



Return Of The Kiki

Didja miss me? 🙂

Had a nice trip.  Was lovely to see Mollie and the fam.

Getting ready to leave again on thursday.  Going to Minneapolis.  Alas it’ll be another short posting week.

Paul SG & Pouyah – Enclosed (track is in Pouyah player)

Brother – My Love (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
MathematicsBooty ConspiracyC.I.A. Records 2003

I’m so so behind on mixes.  I was already behind to begin with and managed to catch up on the plane and now I come back and see I’m back to square 1.  Eek.

Implex & EneiDrum & Bass RU Podcast 19

01. Ill Logic & Raf – Songs Of Experience
02. Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies (Megadrummer Remix)
03. Sunchase – Varka
04. Ill Logic & Raf – The Art Of Rebellion
05. OSH & Enei – Echo
06. Implex & Enei – In Cocoon
07. LSB – Paying My Dues
08. Subterra & Dekko – Torrent
09. SpectraSoul – Taken
10. Loxy – Gabriel Gray
11. Data ft K2 – Kyushojutsu
12. BTK & Presence Known – Prophecy
13. Ben E – Shallow
14. Die – Clear Skyz (Break Remix)
15. Rufige Kru – Shanghai Dub
16. OSH & Enei – Echo (Remix)
17. Ben E & SpectraSoul – Suppression
18. Enei – Explore It
19. Electrosoul System – Ghost
20. Derrick & Tonika – Humana
21. ASC – Find A Way

LA Kiki

So I didn’t think I’d have time to write but I guess I have a mo for a quickie post. 🙂

My friend Mollie works for Atlantic Records and she has a meeting so I’m just kicking it in her office until she gets back. 

I sat next to these really annoying children on the plane and I kept having mini hallucinations of strangling them to death.  Fortunately I had the Brother mix below to keep me sane.  Yay.

Gonna meet up with my mum and my cousin and her husband and their adorable little one in a couple of hours. Woot.

BrotherHidden Depths LP Showcase


01. A Dream Like State
02. Round About Noon
03. Special Thing w/ Elle Rollo
04. 125th Street w/ Hobzee & Zyon Base
05. Ages
06. Just Say Dub
07. Dig Deep
08. Everything To Give
09. Far Apart w/ Elle Rollo
10. Second Time Around
11. Liberate
12. Do The Right Thing
13. She Said
14. Long Way Home
15. Reversal
16. Same Space

Same Old Hat

I had a pretty uneventful weekend.   Not necessarily boring, just pretty average.

Brother & Zyon Base125th Street
Heard this one a while ago but never had a sample to share.

Today’s Oldie:
Tom & JerryMaxi(mun) StyleShell 1994

Thanks to fellow dnb lover dskyzer for helping to narrow down the mix hunt. 🙂
Jerona FruitsNu Urban Podcast Volume 6
Absolute jokers, good tunes.

01. Blumarten – If I could tell you
02. Eveson – Spirit (Silent Witness rmx)
03. Culture Shock – Imax (Ram)
04. Brookes Bros & Culture Shock – Smoothie (Ram)
05. Matt Domino – Paper Cut (Jerona Digital)
06. Blumarten – Close (dub)
07. Sabre – Floating Source (Jerona Fruits)
08. Cyantific – Heart Beating (Hospital)
09. Tim Green ????
10. Flying Lotus – Tealeaf Dancers
11. Luca – The Red Sky (Samurai Music)
12. Human Factor – Sensation (Allsorts)
13. The Burbs – South London Sound (Brand:Nu dub)
14. Bal – All City (Brand:Nu dub)
15. Andyskopes – Bucktown (Jerona Digital Dub)
16. FX909 – Bad Attitude (Jerona Fruits)
17. Blumarten – All Over Again Sabre Rmx (Exceptonial Records)
18. Dirtyphonix – Quarks (Audioporn)
19. Woogie – End dub DZ Rmx (Aufect Recordings)


Apparently Smart Bar with Goldie headlining was the place to be in Chitown last night.  I went to go see my buddy  Submorphics and he killed it.  Like seriously.  I even danced… yes I actually did.  Some wicked sounds.  The place was packed, people dancing etc.  I didn’t stay for Goldie. I’m not down to be up until the wee hours of the morning when I have to work the next day…  remember what happened last time! Plus I’ve seen him so many times so I didn’t mind dipping out early.  Is 1:00 a.m. early?? Anyways, I haven’t been to a dnb show at a club like that in a while.  Good times.

I am actually relieved friday is here.  Unlike the past couple of weeks I feel like this one has gone by exceptionally slowly.

Have a good weekend.

Squash & Brother – Brain Train (track is in Brother player)
I was under the impression that I had already said that I like this tune but as I was looking at Brother’s page I realised I hadn’t.  I’ve been digging it for a hot minute.  It’s sultry.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LIntasoundXL Recordings 1998
This track is just dirty.  I love it.  So dope.

Dj MarkyMarky’s Podcast 16


  1. Lynx & Kemo – Deez Breaks
  2. Die & Break – Get Some
  3. Random Movement – Kids In The Sea
  4. ?
  5. Mistical – Time To Fly
  6. SPY – Moving In Circles
  7. Commix – Bear Music
  8. Interface – Get Low
  9. Drumagick ft Dynamite MC – The Drummer
  10. Stunna – Back In Time
  11. Random Movement – Waterlogged
  12. Total Science ft MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Super Jungle VIP)
  13. The Futures – Aint No Time Fa Nothin

4 Turntables & A Microphone

My friends always used to make fun of me when I mixed out cuz I always looked so pissed while in the mix.  I’ve definitely gotten better about the scowling.  Now since I don’t mix out that much, I savour the few times that I do and it’s straight up party time cuz I’m happy to see all my friends out.

I think when I used to mix out regularly I just got really involved in what I was doing so I didn’t really find it necessary to get involved with what the crowd was doing… Obviously, not the best tactic if you’re supposed to be playing for others so I guess that’s why I kinda stopped doing it on the regular.

I’m really not into people paying attention to me so I guess that’s why djing out wasn’t my most favourite thing back then, but I liked hearing my records on a loud sound system so I tolerated it.

This weekend I mixed a house set with Caleb and I had so much fun. We got some serious 4 turntable action going and I was super into it. Just 2 hours of old house music classics. It’s so engaging and you have to be constantly on the ball. I think if I had some kinda tagteam partner like that back in the day I would probably have been way more into mixing out.

I also made an old skool dnb mix and an old skool 2step/garage mix. My saturday consisted of about 6 hours of mixing which is seriously entertaining once you get into that zone. We’ll see if I actually let anyone listen to those mixes. I’m notorious for making mixes and then playing them for an audience of one… me. LOL.

I also recorded some soundbytes for Caleb’s mixtape. Boo. I really hate doing that shit. To make matters worse he cut my voice with my most hated vocal of that stupid girl saying something about being absolutely on whoever’s jock or whatever. I know you know it. Anyways, why anyone would want to hear my annoying voice is beyond me but I figured since I monopolized his studio for 6 hours it’s the least I can do and the mixtape is a hip hop one so I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear it and so I’m content to pretend that it never happened. LOL.

Enough about me.

Donnie Dubson – Battlecat (track is in player)

Brother – Everything To Give (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Moving FusionPeacekeeperRam Records 2000
Loved this EP. Classic.

I’ve been coveting another RM track for a while now. I had been hearing it often but didn’t know the name. Fortunately it’s the first track on this mix. Waterlogged. Woot. I’m pretty sure that my obsession with RM will have to stop eventually, but for now enjoy this mix.
Random Podcast #19 February 19, 2009


01. Random Movement – Waterlogged
02. S.P.Y – Sunship
03. Marky & Makoto – Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)
04. BCee – Consumed
05. Flaco – In My Dreams
06. Lenzman – Emeralds feat. Jo S
07. Marky & S.P.Y – Tapestry feat Madame Miri
08. Sable Gray vs. J. Dilla vs. The Sylvers – Three Can Win
09. BCee – Out In The Cold
10. Random Movement – Memory Lane
11. Redeyes – Out Of My Head feat. Grimm
12. High Contrast – Global Love (Calibre Remix)
13. Sinistarr – Vines feat. Jo S
14. Heist – Warmer Days
15. Eveson – Natural
16. Vice Versa – Forte
17. Bal – Blow Up
18. Brother – Everything To Give
19. Dave Owen – Untitled
20. Will Miles – Pleasure Center
21. Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves In The Night
22. Vice Versa – Coriolis


Man, do I love to laugh.  I spend a majority of my day doing just that.  I find everything funny.  I am fortunate that pretty much all of my friends have the same sense of humour as me so I’m pretty much like Dave Chappelle in that one skit where he pretends to be Eminem and he’s like “I got jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes..” 🙂

Usually when I wake up, I just get ready and go straight to work.  I feel like if I’m awake, what’s the point in sitting around waiting to go to work.  Today though my boss is out of town so I decided to take my sweet time and come in around nine.  I spent 2 hours watching Extras instead.  That’s pretty much one of my top 3 favourite shows.  I think Ricky Gervais is hilarious.  I loved the British version of The Office.  I like the American version too but I just like the BBC one more.

I’m always dying of laughter when I watch Extras.  If you ever get a chance to watch it you won’t be disappointed.  If you’re American though you might find season 2 funnier than season 1 cuz I feel like season 1 has more British stars in it and they might not be as funny to you.  The finale of season 1 though has Patrick Stewart and it’s a really great episode.  I’m asking for the dvds for Christmas for sure.

Moving on… I enjoyed listening to Bassdrive again today.  I was listening to Will Miles show.  Bassdrive is kind of a dream for me cuz I just get to listen to non-stop dnb and do my work and it’s not crap.  Heard this Stanza tune called Lost Out that I was really digging.  Will definitely be looking out for that one.

Good ol’ Marcus Intalex has another installment of Soul:ution Radio.  I see he has some Brother tracks on there.  I’ve been loving a lot of that dude’s stuff lately!


Marcus Intalex – Soul:ution Radio July 08


Brother And Saburoko – In Control – Dub
Seba – As Long As It Takes – Combination
Atom – Night Flight – Dub
ST Files – Eightsix – Soulr
Data – Glacier – DubHiten – Bolt – Soulr
Spy And Mosus – Drop Shadow
Nu:Logic – Trademark – Hospital
Sight Unseen – U Make It – Dub
Furney – Jahman – V
Mutt And Visionary – Lady Love – Future Retro
Marcus Intalex – Vintage – Soulr
Calibre – Dont Mind – Signature
Chris Coda – Heading North – Dub
Lomax – Burning Flag – Critical
ST Files – Cold Front – Soulr
Calibre – Harbinger – Signature
Sato, Jack & Jubei – Untitled – Dub
Data – Liberty City Blues -Dub
Blocks – Tangier -DubThe Up
beats – Untitled Noises- Dub
Brother – Say It Loud – Dub
Seba- Blaze And Fade Out – Combination
Electrosoul System – Bookworm – Dub
Harmonic 313 – Flash – Warp