LA Kiki

So I didn’t think I’d have time to write but I guess I have a mo for a quickie post. 🙂

My friend Mollie works for Atlantic Records and she has a meeting so I’m just kicking it in her office until she gets back. 

I sat next to these really annoying children on the plane and I kept having mini hallucinations of strangling them to death.  Fortunately I had the Brother mix below to keep me sane.  Yay.

Gonna meet up with my mum and my cousin and her husband and their adorable little one in a couple of hours. Woot.

BrotherHidden Depths LP Showcase


01. A Dream Like State
02. Round About Noon
03. Special Thing w/ Elle Rollo
04. 125th Street w/ Hobzee & Zyon Base
05. Ages
06. Just Say Dub
07. Dig Deep
08. Everything To Give
09. Far Apart w/ Elle Rollo
10. Second Time Around
11. Liberate
12. Do The Right Thing
13. She Said
14. Long Way Home
15. Reversal
16. Same Space

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