Kiki = Lame

So, I will not be updating tomorrow or Friday as I will be in LA.  As much as it irks me to see the calendar with those empty spaces I will grin and bear it.

Work has been consistently busy and I feel like I’ve just been waiting to get out of here so there really hasn’t been anything exciting or the least bit interesting to tell you.  Boo on Kiki.

Makoto -Sentimental Mood (track is in player)
I’m late on this one.  I’ve heard it before and liked it but didn’t actually know what it was.  Nice track.

Ill Skills – Move ItSKC & Chris Su Remix (track is in Ill Skillz player)

Today’s Oldie:
Basic OperationsErasoulFix 2003

Found this one on Everyday Junglist but haven’t listened to it yet.  Tracklist looks good.
GrimmStudio Mix Vol. 1


01. Atlantic Connection ft. Jeff Rhodes – Our Love (westbay dub)
02. The Insiders – All The Way (Dub)
03. Edward Oberon & Escher – Switch (Prestige)
04. Cern – Eastern Gates (Samurai Music)
05. Data & Dynamic – Dead Rising (Cyclone)
06. Muted & Grimm – Rebirth (TBC)
07. Randomer ft. REDS – Stand Off (Dub)
08. SPY & Kiat – Close Encounters (soul:r)
09. Zyon Base & Sol ID – World of Emptiness (Fokuz)
10. Mutt ft. Grimm – You and Me (Looking Good Dub)
11. Hobzee – Requiem (NotioN remix) (Progress Ltd.)
12. Grimm – Poetry (Digi-Lab)
13. HLZ – Synchro (IMLtd)
14. Loxy, Munk & Resound – Venom (Hardware)
15. Data – Sedative (Eternia)
16. Henree & Lynx – Hypothesis (Prestige)
17. Resound ft. Stapleton MC – Shady (Horizons)
18. Grimm – Muse (TwoTone)
19. Grimm – Etched In Stone (IMLtd)


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