Is School Over Yet Kiki?

Only 3 weeks til the end of the semester and I couldn’t be happier.  I get a two week break and then Summer session starts.  Hopefully my second semester will be a little bit easier to handle since it won’t be new to me anymore. 🙂

Qumulus – Work This Out
I like this tune.  I kinda remember hearing this a while ago and not being able to find a sample for it.  So voila.

Dj Delirious – Homeboyz Mix
I have no idea who Dj Delirious is but I found this mix on Hightimes and I’m loving it.  Really nice mix.  Worked out to it yesterday.  Nice liquidy goodness to coax in the summer vibes.  I appreciated the 86 degree weather on Sunday.  Please come back!


01. Lsb – Lost now
02. Makoto – What to do
03. Command & strange – Brasileiro
04. Mutt – Art of forgetting
05. Mikal – Make it
06. Utah Jazz – Runaway
07. Redeyes – Battle of sweet things
08. Dj Marky – Rotation
09. Lenzman – Ever so slightly
10. Infuzoria – Secret Dream
11. Paul SG – Sometimes
12. Utah Jazz – Skyward Bound


3 thoughts on “Is School Over Yet Kiki?

  1. Hi

    I am Dj delirious, real name steve from uk. this is the first mix i have had time to upload. i apologise for the poor audio quality but will make it better on my next mix. thanks for taking time too listen and for the positive comments

    Steve (delirious)

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