Galivanting Kiki

It’s strange to have nowhere to be in the morning.  I was hanging out with Reisha the other day and on numerous occasions kept thinking that I should probably go home and then finally remembered that I could probably just not go home if I wanted and it would be fine.

CC is here until wednesday.  We’ve been busy partying.  I’ll get to the resume blasting, pavement traipsing once she’s goes.  I’m not even going to try and pretend that I can be serious about my plight with guests and fun to be had.

Dbridge – Reversible Top (track is in player)
Loving this!

WileyWearing My Rolex (Utah Jazz Remix)
I can’t help it.  I love Wiley.  I’m gonna love any dnb remix with his songs. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CPrimal FearRam Records 1998

AtomDOA Spotlight Mix June 2009


01. Atom – Night flight[Sonorous];
02. Specific – Out of Reach [Influence];
03. Data – the Sprawl [Horizons];
04. Blocks & Esher – Hearshaped[Horizons];
05. ???;
06. ???;
07. Atom – Automatic [Sonorous];
08. ???;
09. Calibre – In Denial [Solu:r];
10. Atom – Robot Fight [unsigned];
11. ???;
12. Random Movement, Noah D, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – Sacrifice [unsigned]
13. Bal – Out There [Influence]
14. Instra:mental – Intervention [Exit];
15. Atom – Excursion [Sonorous];
16. Data – Abstractions [Metalheadz];
17. Atom – Red Snapper [Influence]


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