Grad School Kiki

I’m stealing the title from a suggestion Daniela made on facebook while making fun of me.  LOL.

I’m going to an open house for the program I’m trying to attend today.  Kinda excited about it.  Actually get to meet the advisor I’ve been talking to for the past 5 months.

I’m not really familiar with Dave Schichman but apparently I need to get to know cuz this tracklist is right up my alley. 🙂

Dave SchichmanKnowledge Promo Mix


01. Sinistarr & Jo-S – Untitled (Driven AM Recordings)
02. Mixmaster Doc – Cancelation Dub (dub)
03. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Itchatechnica (dub)
04. Sinistarr – The Blip (Phunkfiction)
05. Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me (Driven AM Recordings)
06. Kjell – Point Taken (Driven AM Recordings)
07. Flaco – Space Blues (dub)
08. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Follow My Own Path Dig My Own Grave (dub)
09. Raw Q – Poolroom Poets (dub)
10. Kjell – House Call (dub)
11. Focus & Mixmaster Doc – Bon Mot (Peer Pressure Recordings)
12. Mixmaster Doc – Biomimitrc (Driven AM Recordings)
13. Bachelors Of Science – The Beautiful Life (Horizons Music)
14. Flaco – Everything to You (dub)
15. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – The Self Aware Convection Oven (Innerground)
16. Raw Q – Afterhours (dub)
17. Sinistarr – Ascii (Prestige Music)
18. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney (dub)
19. Kjell – Vainglorious (Driven AM Recordings)
20. Flaco – Light Em Up (Innerground)
21. Dave Shichman – This Area Is Taken (dub)
22. Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments (Innerground)
23. Strife & Harduro – Spend Some Time (dub)
24. Kjell – Hear Me Out (dub)
25. Bachelors Of Science – Bell Of The Dawn (Horizons Music)


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