Untidy Kiki

I’m 43 and still have a messy room.  Is that normal? 

shakira eek

Currently on a cleaning spree while listening to all things SATL.

The North Quarter · Satl – Guna Guna (feat. Dan Stezo)

Kiki Will Do it Later

My character flaw is procrastination. It’s so annoying to be aware of it and still not manage to correct it. I’m writing tests that I should have written over the weekend. Now I’m up way too early trying to sort it cuz I’m behind. smh

Fortunately there’s a new Bank mix to zone out to. 🥰

Bank · Bankbeats July ’20


Bank & Cnof – Solstice (forthcoming!)
Bungle – Bad Math
Alix Perez – Concrete
Arcatype – Mind Loop
Sabre, Stray, Halogenix, Frank Carter III – Oblique
Marcus Visionary – Real Warrior (L-Side Rmx)
Shy FX, Gappy Ranks – Warning (Bou Rmx)
MC Spyda, Origin One, K.O.G. – Tribute (Zero T Rmx)
Unknown Artist – Lovely (Bootleg)
Askel, Elere, D.E.J.A – Losing Game
Sequent, Skruff, – Ethereal
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #2
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #1
Machine Drum – Braided Leaves
Alix Perez – Black Spirit
Bank – Breathless (forthcoming!)
Dava – Lazy Days
Visages – Memories

Zero T – Jazz Tone
DuoScience – Moments 😍😍😍 oldie but goodie
Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Rmx)
Maduk – Love Like This feat. Champion
Joshua, Geety – Sun Shining
DuoScience – Black Jack
Monologue – WahWah
Deft – New York’s Finest VIP
Technimatic- Mirror Image (Phaction Rmx)
Facing Jinx, Wreckless, Alexsia Louca – Here With You
Wreckless, Conscience – Don’t Care
DuoScience – Sunday
Motiv – Glass Heart
Illmatika, Mr. Joseph – Already Know You
Askel, Elere, Crystal Alice – Honestly
Askel – Portmanteau
Arcatype – Canopy
Riya, Hugh Hardie, Phaction – Obsession
Sevin – Swings & Roundabouts
DuoScience – Sun Morning
Low:r – Hook A Duck
Facing Jinx, Tom James – Remember To Breathe
Bungle – Moving Pages
FD – Dedication
Carter – Closer Look
Askel, Elere – Distance VIP
Nelver, Aperio – Constellations
Squent, Skruff – Should I
Henry – Paradigm
Henry – The Future is Broken
Henry – Frozen
Arcatype – You Know
Arcatype – Interval Dub
Calibre – Second Sun
Breakage – Settle
Random Movement – Her Song
Brother – Grace
Kredit – Future Funk
Bcee, S.P.Y. – Is Anybody Out There?
Makoto, Hugh Hardie – Bluebird



Many annoying little things to do today.  Starting the day off with this tune to set the tone.  Been waiting for it to come out!  Another producer pseudonym to figure out.  Sounds very SATL like to me.  *shrugs*  Doesn’t matter who it is.  I love it. 😊


Repeat Kiki

I’ve been listening to the Alix Perez mix on repeat for about 2 months straight now.  It’s so good.  Do yourself a favour and join the repeat club, and if you know what that track is that comes in at 14:14 let me know.  😁

AlixPerez · 2020 soulful dnb mix.

Late Bizness Kiki

Nothing like a good SirReal mix to keep you going when you procrastinate and have to wake up early to finish a Google Slide for your workshop tomorrow… Why am I like this? 🙃

SirReal · The Self Reflection Mix


Submorphics, Polar & Bryson – Albion Road
BCee – Little Bird (Monrroe Remix)
GLXY – Conclusions (feat Steo)
FD – Lie to You (feat Akemi Fox)
Submorphics – The Prize (feat T.R.A.C)
Alix Perez – Concrete
Monrroe – As I Fall (feat Sydney)
Dawn Wall – I Should Have Been There
Degs – Sleepless (feat Polar & Bryson)
Redeyes – Lust (feat Steo)
Satl – Self Reflection
Changer – Watch the Sunrise (feat Leo Wood) (Phil Tangent Remix)
GLXY – It’s Not Love (feat Anastasia)
Satl – Drifted
Joakium – 8AM Roller (feat. Duskee)
Philth & Farz – So Many Moments (feat Collette Warren)
Atlantic Connection – Night & Day (feat. Steo)
London Grammar – If You Wait (Calibre Remix)
Tokyo Prose – Rescue
Halogenix – Independent
GLXY – Falling
Monty – Vaid
Dogger – Too Long
A-Sides & MC Fats – Arctic
Malaky – Believe
LSB – Judge
Halogenix – Reminisce
Workforce & DRS – Cheap Love
Culture Shock – There for You (LSB Remix)
Azekel – Don’t Wake the Babies (Lenzman Remix)
Submorphics – Thicha Blues
Evabee & DRS – Unconditional (LSB Remix)
Calibre – Be Beautiful
Workforce – Heart Crossed
Echo Brown – Show You
Satl – Guna Guna feat Dan Stezo
Makoto & Technimatic – Mystic Crystal
In:Most – Home (feat Anastasia)

Sigh Kiki

I just feel so sad about the world these days.  I’m spending my Saturday sitting on my patio lesson planning.  This SATL tune came on and I just really felt it. 

The North Quarter · Satl – Don’t Even Ask

Bust-a-Move Kiki

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  I’m actually spending my Saturday working.  I want to get all my grading and everything done, so I can do shit else on Sunday and Monday. 

Today I really missed dancing.  I’ve been grading essays and listening to dnb for like 3 hours already.  I just want to go to a dnb event and cut a rug. — I was going to delete that phrase, but I actually thought it in my head, so alas it’s true… dnb senior citizen alert.  #AARP 🤣🤣🤣

Halogenix always makes me want to dance. Love this tune.

Halogenix · Independent