Sigh Kiki

I just feel so sad about the world these days.  I’m spending my Saturday sitting on my patio lesson planning.  This SATL tune came on and I just really felt it. 

The North Quarter · Satl – Don’t Even Ask

Virtual Kiki

Ugggggh.  I’m beginning to hate my virtual classroom.  #cabinfever

Listening to some Workforce as I lesson plan. 😊

workforce · Two Words [UKF Premiere]

Bust-a-Move Kiki

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  I’m actually spending my Saturday working.  I want to get all my grading and everything done, so I can do shit else on Sunday and Monday. 

Today I really missed dancing.  I’ve been grading essays and listening to dnb for like 3 hours already.  I just want to go to a dnb event and cut a rug. — I was going to delete that phrase, but I actually thought it in my head, so alas it’s true… dnb senior citizen alert.  #AARP 🤣🤣🤣

Halogenix always makes me want to dance. Love this tune.

Halogenix · Independent

Patio Kiki

It’s gorgeous here.  The weather has been fab.  I’m grateful for my patio during this quarantine time.  I don’t have a garden, but at least getting to sit outside and enjoy the sun has made me feel less mopey.  

I’m listening to old records while I plan my lessons.  There’s so many good tunes out at the moment and I’ve definitely been enjoying loads of good mixes.  I’m gonna throw it back to this one tho, cuz it brightened up my afternoon when I put it on. 😍



So LTJ was at Respect last week.  He played Peshay’s Miles from Home and Total Science’s remix of Dubplate by Wots My Code… Need I say more? 😍  All round great tunes all night, but you know how I feel about my oldies.


Maxxin’ Relaxxin’ Kiki

I didn’t even have time to really get excited about going on holiday cuz I had so much ish to take care of leading up to it.  Anyway, ish completed.  Officially on holiday until after Labor Day.  Going to see the fam and get my Ribena fill.  London see you soon. 😘

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Throwback Kiki

I’m listening to an old Lenzman mix as I write a quiz.  So many amazing tunes.  I do like the odd newer tune every now and again, but I could listen to old liquid for hours. 😍😍😍


Went to see the homie Submorphics on Saturday.  What a fun night!  Great turnout.  Fab lineup.  Awesome tunes.  Props to the Xcellerated crew for a great event!  Maybe me and my old teacher bones will venture out to another event soon.

Spending my Presidents’ Day lesson planning.

Current tune on repeat 😍