Sultry Kiki

I’m in hell.  2 more weeks of school and tons of assignments/last minute projects to finish up.  Kill me now.

Loving this Riya.  So sexy.

Riya feat. Zero T – Stolen Moments – CIA Records


Today’s Oldie:

Alix Perez feat. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul – Forsaken – Shogun Audio



Not really old enough to be an oldie but my friend Melissa reminded me of this one the other day and so I had to post it.  I played this to death… I mean like ridiculously.  I totally had an obsession with Alix Perez back then.  I was all about ominously, sultry, sexy, liquidy dnb at that time.  All you needed was some dark melody, sexy vocals and some dark bass and I would buy it.  LOL.


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