Custodian Kiki

8 days left.

8 days of doing nothing but cleaning. Straight up janitor Kiki here.  

Cancelling everything, going to city hall to say I’m no longer going to be a resident of Togane, blah blah, blah, blah.  Thank god for Mika, my ALT supervisor.  So much paperwork, so much Japanese.  

One thing that has been very interesting about living in Japan is the rule oriented lifestyle. That was a strange change for someone who lived in Chicago for 12 years and had learned the art of fighting with Comcast, ComEd, Peoples Energy and the like, whenever they did something I wasn’t down with.  I had become accustomed to being salty af, arguing my point til I’m blue in the face and then eventually ending up with 3 months free HBO or whatever.  That does not seem to happen here.  The rule is the rule and there’s really no negotiating.  

Yesterday though, a little miracle happened.  Everything was just taking soooooooooo long and I’m definitely not that patient of a person.  The paperwork gets really annoying after while.  Can we just have a website please?  Trust…  this shit would go so much quicker.  Everything takes forever. 

Anyway,  I was getting uber restless and super annoyed and so when my internet wanted to charge me a cancellation fee for being 5 days short of my 2 year contract, the Chicago Kiki came out.  I argued my point, came up with several other ways to combat this fee, asked for some official explanation behind paying the fee.  The fee wasn’t exorbitant but it wasn’t cheap either, when you added it to the total of also paying my last bill.  Anyway, they agreed and waived the cancellation fee.  

When I chose my internet service, I purposely chose one where they had English speakers so that I could handle stuff on my own if I had any problems.  Internet is life yo.  

Would they have listened to my gripes if it was a Japanese speaker translating back and forth between me and Mika?  Who knows?  All I know is I just wanted one mini victory for my day of annoyance and I got it.  😛

Currently listening to Spectrasoul and going through all my lesson folders and worksheets as I try and figure out what to throw away and what to keep for Neda.




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