Errands & Kiki

The day before you go anywhere always consists of running around trying to get your shit together.  This is what I’m spending my day doing.  I am also currently tearing my room apart trying to find my travel plug so I don’t have to buy a new one.  I’m off to London tomorrow.  I plan on writing while I’m there but I might take the rest of this week off, we’ll see how the jet lag goes.  Toodles for now.  Mwah. ❤

Philth & Jinx – Heart Strings (track is in Jinx player)

Switch – It’s Your Life (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Big BudFantasyCreative Source Records 1995

HayzePodcast #32


marcus intalex – airborne,
calibre & st files – devil inside,
random movement – sabina,
dan habarnam – maintenance,
dlr – connect,
goldie – letting go (ai rmx),
spectrasoul – subtitles,
nymfo – off the radar,
konflict – the beckoning,
spectrasoul – alibi,
d bridge – exit 002,
calibre – rejack,
j majik – share the blame,
spirit – ? ,
doc scott – drumz vip,
nether – lust,
atom – the alley,
zero t & bailey – wasp factory,
alix perez – voices,
sinistarr – fallbrook ,
calibre – second sun,
mixmaster doc – she dances,
random movement, mm doc, noahd, focus – sacrifice,
cybertron – i wanna know.


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