Kiki + Summer = <3

So World Cup is over and now I can move on to the rest of my summer.  Pitchfork is this weekend and my friend Andy’s band Why? is playing on saturday so I’m gonna go.  Woot.  Chicago summers are awesome.

Paul SG – Dash Dash (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceFresh JiveMetalheadz 1994

ATPStudio Mix for Breaksblog


01. D.A., Clart and MS Dos (Feat. Greg Diamond) – Disco Infernale (NexGen Records Dub)
02. Command Strange – Vanilla Dream (Fokuz)
03. Vibes – Mystline (Dub)
04. Derick and Tonika – Hi Life (Dub)
05. Native – At my side (Red Mist)
06. Squash and Sensus – Old Piano (Urban Chemistry)
07. Simplification Feat. Miss Drop – Angel (Basswerk)
08. Lenzman Feat. Riya – Open Page (Metalheadz)
09. Broken Drum – Crying Game (Urban Chem Dub)
10. Glen E Ston – Talk To Me (Influenza Minus)
11. Calculon (feat Kelly Dean) – Premonition (Stunna Rmx) (Rubik Dub)
12. Paul SG – Slings and Arrows (Think Deep Records)
13. ATP – Hey There (Dub)
14. Calibre – Don’t want your love (Samurai Records)
15. Mutt (Feat. Kevin King) – Forget (Spearhead)
16. Marky and Random Movement – Gabriel’s Theme (Innerground Dub)
17. A Sides – White Riesling (East Side Records)
18. Phors – Shining Star (Fokuz)
19. ATP and SoulTec – Mr JC (Rubik Dub)
20. Vice Versa – SpaceBridge (Human Elements)
21. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus)
22. Random Movement – Lucky Guess (Innerground Dub)
23. SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
24. 8 Bit – On Your Mind (Digital Soundboy)

Boo Hoo Burr Kiki

My car is annoying the crap out of me and it’s effing cold.  Got the tire sorted and now my battery is shit.  I hate winter.

SPYFeel the Music (track i s in Spearhead Records player)

Today’s Oldie:
MatrixSnake SkinNew Identity Recordings 1998

mSdoS & ATPLiquid DnB Sessions Episode #23

1. Danoo ft.Jett – Can’t Wait Anymore (DUB)
2. Quantrek – Sign (Think Deep Recordings DUB)
3. Donnie Dubson – Stepson (DnB Remix) (DUB)
4. Qumulus – World keeps turning (DUB)
5. mSdoS – There will be rain (DUB)
6. Stunna – Face the Night (Red Mist Recs) —> TRACK OF MONTH
7. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Black & White Movie (Influenza LTD)
8. Champagne – Divine Inspiration (BCee Remix) (Bonafide Recordings DUB)
9. Giorgiolive – Feelings Away (Feat. G.Guimaraes) (Luv Disaster)
10.Incident – Travel with no one (DUB)
11.Command Strange – Again (Fokuz DUB)
12.ADM – Chaos note (Intelligent)
13.John Beltran – Aztec girl (Earth) —> BACK TO BASICS
14.Side 1 – Love Back (DUB)
15.SoulTec & Subsid – Waiting for you (DUB)
16.Flaco – I’m Thinking of You (DUB)
17.Phat Playaz – Global warming (DUB)
18.Drumagick – Full Energy (Beatmasters)
19.mSdoS & MJT – Fury (DUB)

1. Flaco and Glen E Ston – Cresent (Human Elements Dub)
2. Well Being – Darling Heart (Fokuz)
3. D Bridge – Inner disbelief (Exit)
4. Inside man – Ocean one (Dub)
5. Netsky – I refuse (Spearhead)
6. Glen E Ston and Flaco – She Got Me (GLR Dub)
7. DJ Clart Feat MS Dos – Obstacles (Allsorts Dub)
8. Calibre – Love’s too tight to mention (Signature)
9. DJ Clart and ATP (feat Elijah John) + DB Audio – So Close (Dub)
10.Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That (ATP rmx) (MPFREE)
11.Phat Playaz – Clockwork (Binary Soul)
12.ATP – Spoons (Urban Chemistry)
13.Mutt (Feat Kevin King) – Conversations (Deep Kut)
14.ATP – Tomfoolery (Urban Chemistry Dub)
15.Mutt – When You Said (Nu Directions)
16.Calculon – Friend Killa (Dub)
17.Dave Shichman and Dave Owen – Untitled (Dub)

Jigsaw Kiki

I just got back from a pow wow session at the gym.  I’ve been a bit lazy lately so it was definitely needed.

These days I feel very jigsaw puzzle like.  I have a big picture in mind of what I need to be doing or am trying to do but I’m just trying to sort out the pieces to complete the image.  I’m not worried.  I just wish the process would go a little faster than it is going right now. 🙂

My friend Matt Martin is getting married on saturday.  I’m excited for the wedding.  I have no desire to get married myself but I definitely do enjoy going to friends’ weddings.  It’s a big gathering where you get to enjoy the company of all your friends that you might not usually see on a regular basis… who wouldn’t want that? 😉

Savage RehabSunshine

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutWhiplashRenegade Hardware 1999

ATPDrum n Bump n Grind n Bass


Glen E Ston and Dave Owen – Jazz Collab (Dub)
Stunna and Kubatko – Broken Rules (Golden Orb)
Erykah Badu – Honey (sconeboy and Dave Owen Booty) (Dub)
Brother – Reversal (Fokuz)
SoulTec – Take Your Time (Dub)
Sinistarr and Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
ATP – I still Believe (Vibration Dub)
Quantrek – Signs (dub)
Glen E Ston + ATP – Forget Me Not (Vibration Dub)
Atlantic Connection and Lynx – Danger Zone (Submorphics Rmx) (Westbay)
Simplification and Ed Oberon – Loveline (Blu Safire Dub)
Dave Owen and DJ Clart – Deep Cover (Dub)
Tyler straub and Dave Owen – Squeaky Clean (Dub)
Alix Perez – Crooklyn (Soul:R)
Dave Owen – Still Waters (Influence Dub)
Redeyes and Sweed – Night is Over (Spearhead)
Glen E Ston and The Square – Close to You (Dub)
Sks and Peyo – Without You (Influenza Media)


Work is crazy.  My boss is going away next week and so he is just piling on the work.  Boo. 😦

GrafixThis World (track is in Hustle Audio player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dkay & RawfullBowserIll Skillz Recordings 2003
This trancey gem is Juju’s selection.  I refuse to take credit for it. 😉  Old skool bizness nonetheless.  Woot.

I didnt even know that ATP had a Bassdrive show.  Nice.
Dj ATPNu Soul Radio Show on Bassdrive 04/02/09


Peyo – All I Need
Ian Brown – Illegal Attatcks (Rufige Kru Rmx)
Lenzman – Vale of tears
Lil London – Good for your health (ATP Remix)
DJ Chap – Sky
ATP – Lost Within You
Random Movement – Till Doomsday
Adam Form, Calculon, Andy Sim – Close Call
Random Movement – Dancing with Devils
Chase and Status – Take u There
DJ Clart and Bionic 1 – The Things that you do for love
Cutworks – Female Demands
Kubiks and Lomax – Dreamin of Dub
ATP – My Passion
Lenzman – Little Brother
Dave Owen – On Point


I like adding “tastic” to the end of words.  There’s not real explanation why.  I just like doing it.

I had a really great holiday.  Nice to see the fam.  The ceremony for my stepdad went really well.  Back at work.  Nothing really exciting to report as I have been lounging around eating copious amounts of food for the last 5 days.

ATPSeptember (M25 Remix)
Track is in the player.  I already liked the original but I totally dig this remix.  I’m definitely on an M25 kick right now.

The Square – Lights In The Night
Sorry no sample.  Heard it on Overfiend’s show recently.  Check out the other stuff in his player.

Today’s Oldie:
Usual SuspectsKilla BeesRenegade Hardware 1999
Bad tune.  Loves it.  The era of noisy rolling basslines was such a good one. 😉

SebaD & B Arena Podcast Dec 08


1. Seba & Paradox feat. Robert Manos – Last Goodbye (2008 Recap) – Paradox music
2. Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Devotion – ?
3. Seba – Untitled – ?
4. Seba – Special Ops – Combination Records
5. Sabre – Global – Subtitles
6. D-Bridge – Mourning Dawn – Exit
7. Seba – Crockett – Combination Records
8. Seba – Planetary Funk Alert 2008 – Good Looking Records
9. Nucleus & Paradox – L.S.D. Jazz – Esoteric

Holidays Schmolidays

It’s totally reached that time.  Thanksgiving is next week.  Christmas is around the corner.  Where the hell does time go?

I  had a good weekend.  I just spent quality time with my buddies and that’s always the best.

I’m actually trying to do some work today… yeh I know, I’m surprised myself, so this entry is pretty short.



ATP – Montego Funk (track is in the player)

Command Strange – One Fine Day (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:  Acen116.7Higher Education 1999 Good rolling track.  Me and Stunna and Submorphics were just talking about this label the other day, that’s what made me think of digging out an oldie from their releases.  I have a majority of the Higher Education releases and it’s all really great stuff. 🙂

StunnaRubiks Podcast 15



I <3 Redeyes

Well, if you weren’t at Smart Bar last night, you kinda missed out. I really had a good time. Awesome music. Lots of people dancing and having fun. Even I danced a couple of times which is pretty much of unheard of lately. 😉 Fun times. It was that feeling that I want shows to have that we never seem to have anymore since we don’t seem to be recruiting new people to the scene. Last night was a good sign though so big ups Midway.

Weekend. Yay. Going to Milwaukee on saturday to hang out with my buddy Mollie. I’m excited to see her. She lives in L.A. but has to go to Milwaukee for some work thing so I’m going to drive there on saturday and kick it.

Hot Tracks:

Soul Mosaic (Redeyes & Youthman) – Listen To Your Heart Love this one! It’s the 9th release on Blu Saphir. I’m just starting to know about Youthman. The French are killing it. Seriously.

Redeyes – Battle of Sweet Things

Yeh yeh, I know another Redeyes. Can’t help it. Love the stuff he’s doing right now. He’s dope. I could add more tracks by him but that’s just silly. 😉

Today’s Oldie:

Dj KrustFreak Show Full Cycle Records 2000 This track is great! It’s really easy to imagine a freak show with this bassline. Is it weird to say it’s a tasteful clownstep track? It’s totally not annoying and is really fun to mix. Whenever I play it I mostly just ride out the mix cuz it emphasizes all the elements beautifully while in the mix.

Bass Goes Boom tonight. Haven’t been for a hot minute. Should be fun to get my dubstep fix on.

Have a good weekend.

ATPBassdrive Guest Mix


Split Second-Tequilla Sunset (Liq-weed Ganja)
Utah Jazz- Deepend (Liquid V)
Unknown – Joss STone Bootleg
Atlantic Connection and Lynx-Danger Zone (Westbay)
Operon-Inch by Inch (Covert Ops)
Sol Id- Long Way From Home (Basswerk)
ATP-Struggle (Golden Orb)
Kubiks and Lomax- Despite Everything (Deep Kut)
Enea-Star (Basswerk)
Random Movement-Lesson and Aftermath (Deep Kut)
Glen E Ston- Equinox (Dub)
Brother-Little Child (Sonorous)
Kubiks and Zetek- Level Plains (Rubiks)
Mosus- Whistle Back (Advanced)
Kubiks and Zetek-Cyanide (Rubiks)
Raf and Ill Logic-Forever (Liquid V)
Mutated Forms- Blue Magic (New Identity)
Split Second- Feel You (Liq-Weed Ganja)
Dave Owen- Doggone (Dub)

Kiki On The Mic

I had downloaded a set the other day and was really excited to listen to it, then once I started I heard some emcee babbling away and it ruined everything. I was quite bummed because the tracklist of the set looked pretty good and it was one of my fave djs. When I used to go to raves I was really into the emcee, that’s if they were good anyway. There was a whole different element to hyping up the party. Now, I’m sure it’s cuz I’m older, but I just have no desire to hear someone who can’t emcee properly mumbling over tracks. It doesn’t hype up the party and it’s just annoying. My dnb life today is very different from the one in the late 90’s. Now I just go to cute little intimate bars and hear my friends mix and have a drink… definitely not prime environment for someone yelling loudly with bad rhymes. I used to like a ton of emcees and now I like about 3. LOL. I just want someone who chats little but when they do say something it’s awesome and actually complements the dj’s set. That may seem like not that much to ask but the way emcees are today you’re lucky if you get it.

I will end this rant now. I just was super annoyed at the emcee i heard ruining the mix.

Hot Tunes:

L.A.O.S – Star Soul All L.A.O.S tracks kinda sound similar to me but I still love em. (track is in the player)

ATP – September (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: PendulumStill GreyTimeless Recordings 2004 I was gonna put Another Planet as today’s oldie but both me and Submorphics agreed it was too obvious. Still Grey is an awesome track. Remember when everyone was Pendulum obsessed? Rightfully so. You gotta give props where props is due and they gave a new energy to dnb for a minute. Good track.

Found this mix when I was linking Paul Saint Jack’s page yesterday. Loved it.

Paul Saint JackLiquid Vibes October 2008


SoulTec – Baby It’s You [Unsigned]
Decem – Don’t Sleep [BIOS]
Paul Saint Jack – Eclipse [Distinctive Beats Digital – DUB]
Nu:Tone and Logistics – Trademark [Hospital]
Lenzman – String City [Fokuz]
Mutt and Aperture – New Jazz Lick [Fokuz]
Flaco – Untouchables [Unsigned]
Submorphics – Love is Gone [BIOS]
Schema – Dimensions [Distinctive Beats Digital – DUB]
Nu:Tone – Balaclava [Hospital]
Druid and Undersound – Be Gentle [Unsigned]
Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex VIP) [Horizons]
Seba and Krazy – Finola [Innerground]
BMK, Coda and Krooked – Hush [BIOS]
Donnie Dubson – Goonies [Have A Break]
Qumulus and Flaco – Snoop Booty [Bootleg]
Paul Saint Jack – Ronin [Distinctive Beats Digital] <–Out Now @–


Had a pretty nice weekend. Friday I bar hopped like a mad woman which is so unlike me these days but it was really fun. I think I need to leave my house more. It’s been almost 2 months since I stopped working weekends and I’m still way too into lying around my house watching tv. GET OFF THE COUCH KIKI!

I noticed that it got really dark super early yesterday. Daylight savings end is still two weeks away but the darkness is just creeping upon us. Boo.

I don’t really have anything exciting planned for this week. We’ll see what happens as the days go on.

Heard this one the other day and was quite digging it:

ATP – Struggle (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dom & RolandHomicideMoving Shadow 1999 For a while I was really just into the sing along aspect of dnb. I wanted just to dance to it and know the words if they were any. I stayed away from the organic sounding tracks cuz I really didn’t understand the production aspect. Once I really started to take the tracks apart I of course learned to love way more producers. Dom & Roland was one of them. His back catalogue is so ridiculously awesome. Homicide is one of my favourites. Unfortunately my record is really badly scratched and skips so I can only play like 2 minutes of it. Boo.


I like posting the Hospital Records podcast because it’s short and sweet and good and a nice way to start your week.

London ElectricityHospital Podcast #69


01. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Ghost Snare
02. Raf and Ill Logic – Complex Identities
03. A-Sides – Sugar Sweet
04. Technicolour – Lacour Boursier
05. Apex – Emofunk
06. Sunichi Osawa – Star Guitar (brookes Brothers Remix
07. Klute – Trust Me V.I.P
08. Paradox – Zion
09. High Contrast – Suddenly
10. NuTone and Logistics – Trademark