I <3 Redeyes

Well, if you weren’t at Smart Bar last night, you kinda missed out. I really had a good time. Awesome music. Lots of people dancing and having fun. Even I danced a couple of times which is pretty much of unheard of lately. 😉 Fun times. It was that feeling that I want shows to have that we never seem to have anymore since we don’t seem to be recruiting new people to the scene. Last night was a good sign though so big ups Midway.

Weekend. Yay. Going to Milwaukee on saturday to hang out with my buddy Mollie. I’m excited to see her. She lives in L.A. but has to go to Milwaukee for some work thing so I’m going to drive there on saturday and kick it.

Hot Tracks:

Soul Mosaic (Redeyes & Youthman) – Listen To Your Heart Love this one! It’s the 9th release on Blu Saphir. I’m just starting to know about Youthman. The French are killing it. Seriously.

Redeyes – Battle of Sweet Things

Yeh yeh, I know another Redeyes. Can’t help it. Love the stuff he’s doing right now. He’s dope. I could add more tracks by him but that’s just silly. 😉

Today’s Oldie:

Dj KrustFreak Show Full Cycle Records 2000 This track is great! It’s really easy to imagine a freak show with this bassline. Is it weird to say it’s a tasteful clownstep track? It’s totally not annoying and is really fun to mix. Whenever I play it I mostly just ride out the mix cuz it emphasizes all the elements beautifully while in the mix.

Bass Goes Boom tonight. Haven’t been for a hot minute. Should be fun to get my dubstep fix on.

Have a good weekend.

ATPBassdrive Guest Mix


Split Second-Tequilla Sunset (Liq-weed Ganja)
Utah Jazz- Deepend (Liquid V)
Unknown – Joss STone Bootleg
Atlantic Connection and Lynx-Danger Zone (Westbay)
Operon-Inch by Inch (Covert Ops)
Sol Id- Long Way From Home (Basswerk)
ATP-Struggle (Golden Orb)
Kubiks and Lomax- Despite Everything (Deep Kut)
Enea-Star (Basswerk)
Random Movement-Lesson and Aftermath (Deep Kut)
Glen E Ston- Equinox (Dub)
Brother-Little Child (Sonorous)
Kubiks and Zetek- Level Plains (Rubiks)
Mosus- Whistle Back (Advanced)
Kubiks and Zetek-Cyanide (Rubiks)
Raf and Ill Logic-Forever (Liquid V)
Mutated Forms- Blue Magic (New Identity)
Split Second- Feel You (Liq-Weed Ganja)
Dave Owen- Doggone (Dub)

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