Kiki On The Mic

I had downloaded a set the other day and was really excited to listen to it, then once I started I heard some emcee babbling away and it ruined everything. I was quite bummed because the tracklist of the set looked pretty good and it was one of my fave djs. When I used to go to raves I was really into the emcee, that’s if they were good anyway. There was a whole different element to hyping up the party. Now, I’m sure it’s cuz I’m older, but I just have no desire to hear someone who can’t emcee properly mumbling over tracks. It doesn’t hype up the party and it’s just annoying. My dnb life today is very different from the one in the late 90’s. Now I just go to cute little intimate bars and hear my friends mix and have a drink… definitely not prime environment for someone yelling loudly with bad rhymes. I used to like a ton of emcees and now I like about 3. LOL. I just want someone who chats little but when they do say something it’s awesome and actually complements the dj’s set. That may seem like not that much to ask but the way emcees are today you’re lucky if you get it.

I will end this rant now. I just was super annoyed at the emcee i heard ruining the mix.

Hot Tunes:

L.A.O.S – Star Soul All L.A.O.S tracks kinda sound similar to me but I still love em. (track is in the player)

ATP – September (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: PendulumStill GreyTimeless Recordings 2004 I was gonna put Another Planet as today’s oldie but both me and Submorphics agreed it was too obvious. Still Grey is an awesome track. Remember when everyone was Pendulum obsessed? Rightfully so. You gotta give props where props is due and they gave a new energy to dnb for a minute. Good track.

Found this mix when I was linking Paul Saint Jack’s page yesterday. Loved it.

Paul Saint JackLiquid Vibes October 2008


SoulTec – Baby It’s You [Unsigned]
Decem – Don’t Sleep [BIOS]
Paul Saint Jack – Eclipse [Distinctive Beats Digital – DUB]
Nu:Tone and Logistics – Trademark [Hospital]
Lenzman – String City [Fokuz]
Mutt and Aperture – New Jazz Lick [Fokuz]
Flaco – Untouchables [Unsigned]
Submorphics – Love is Gone [BIOS]
Schema – Dimensions [Distinctive Beats Digital – DUB]
Nu:Tone – Balaclava [Hospital]
Druid and Undersound – Be Gentle [Unsigned]
Unknown Error – The Yearning (Apex VIP) [Horizons]
Seba and Krazy – Finola [Innerground]
BMK, Coda and Krooked – Hush [BIOS]
Donnie Dubson – Goonies [Have A Break]
Qumulus and Flaco – Snoop Booty [Bootleg]
Paul Saint Jack – Ronin [Distinctive Beats Digital] <–Out Now @–

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