Training Day Kiki

I started training today at my new job.  Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington were not there but to my surprise my friend Gianna was which was awesome cuz that meant I at least had someone to hang out with.

I’m knackered.  I had a ruff weekend with the girls which consisted of an unpleasant hangover all day yesterday and now I just got home and am just beat.  I’m going to bed.

mSdoS & Dj ClartLiquid DnB Sessions Episode 28


1. Command Strange – Summer Breeze (Fokuz)
2. Roy Green – Soulful Brotherhood (dUb)
3. Twist Project & Subsid – One Half feat.Di Moreira (dUb)
4. Jaybee & Duoscience – Wonderful Life (dUb)
5. D.A. – Affectionizm .Feat Dru Hil (NexGen)
6. Duoscience – Infinite (dUb)
7. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Have A Little Faith (dUb)
8. Paul SG – Casanova (Blu Saphir Recs)
9. Sonny Jim & Sleaze – The Long Road [Tidal Re-wire] (Eat Good Records)
10.Undersound – Ghosts (dUb)
11.In sight & Digital Hunters – Mini Monkey (V Records)
12.B4ssTee – Show It To Me (Textures Music)
13.Lm1 – Changing My Consciousness (dUb)
14.Broken Drum – The Other Side (TMG dUB)
15.mSdoS – By Cough (Echowide dUb)
16.Scott Allen – Thinking About You (Textures Music dUb)
17.Steez – So Right (Aquasion RMX) (Textures Music)
18.mSdoS – Philosophies (??? ???)
19.Phil Tangent – Pleasure Trip (dUb)
20.Static – Troubled Land (??? ???) —> TUNE OF MONTH <—

1. DJ Clart w/ mSdoS – Obstacles [Have-a-break]
2. DJ Clart w/ Reza – The Chances [influenza Media]
3. DJ Clart w/ Dave Owen- Deep Cover [Jazz sticks]
4. DJ Clart w/ Vortex- Ethos [Vampire]
5. DJ Clart – The Hatch []
6. DJ Clart – Demons [ Sounds trax]
7. Giocator – Simply Complicated (DJ Clart remix) [Peer Pressure]
8. DJ Clart w/ Kiat – Chumps [Qilin]
9. DJ Clart w/ Jnr Blu – Experience [Syncopix]
10. DJ Clart – Brick City [Peer pressure]
11. DJ Clart w/ Paul SG – Rhodesomes [Jazz sticks]
12. DJ Clart w/ Fats – Good Sound technicions [N.A]
13. DJ Clart – Low Class [iamyourfather]
14. DJ Clart – Hangin’ [liquid Brilliants]
15. DJ Clart w/ Elijah John – Love Misunderstanding [N.A]
16. DJ Clart – Street Dreams [Influenza Media]
17. DJ Clart – Untitled [N.A]
18. Lenzman w/ Treez + Jo-s – Stellar [Subtitles]
19. D.A, DJ Clart & mSdoS – Disco Infernale [Nexgen]
20. Dave Owen w/ DJ Clart – Letting Go [N.A]


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