Gluttonous Kiki

Training was no joke today.  I ate for 3 hours straight.  They just kept bringing the food out cuz we obviously need to taste the menu and I continuously shoved all of it in my mouth.  I could have just taken bites but I guess I was in greedy girl mode.  The food is really good.  I’m kind of excited about this new place.

B-Complex feat. Diane CharlemagneRolling With The Punches

Lenzman & SwitchIce Cold Soul
I’ve been coveting this track since earlier I heard it on a Random Movement podcast back in May.  I’m glad it’s finally released.

Today’s Oldie:
Roni SizeBrut ForceFull Cycle 1996

Blu Mar TenMed School / Fabric Promo Mix Dec 2010


Blu Mar Ten : Believe Me (Double A remix)
Pro Luxe : Give Me Your Heart
Indivision feat. Miri : Land of the Rising Sun
Wagz : Drone
Terry Artovsky : The Rain
BCee vs. Lingby : Count The Stars
Felix K : Reklas
Data : Formless
Seba : Future Sound
Spirit : Three in One (Need for Mirrors remix)
Malsum : Wysoccan
Sabre : Peril (Stray remix)
Dillinja : The Angels Fell
Seba & Physics : Before I Can Breathe
Seba : Nostalgia
Seba : Heaven Sent
Blu Mar Ten : By The Time My Light Reaches You I’ll Be Gone (Klute remix)
Blu Mar Ten : The Conversationalist (Fink remix)


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