Dubstep Kiki

So Chicago only comes out for big names I guess.  Andy C was packed last night and everyone was acting like they rave out to dnb on a regular basis.  It was very interesting to watch.  There was definitely a lot of rowdiness in the place.  Stunna killed it. 🙂

Going to see Skream tonight.  I like going to big dubstep shows.  They are fun.  I don’t necessary like going to Smart Bar for 2 days in a row but what’s a girl to do?

Bal – Demon Lover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bill RileyClosing InFull Cycle 1998

SinistarrQilin Music Podcast 2


Bal – Red River Valley – Influence Dub
Q Project – Back 2 Square 1 – Nu Directions
Mosus – Whistle Back – Advance//d
Hiten – Nuisance – Samurai Music
Sinistarr – Two Tone – Dub
Enei – The Straight Way – Dub
SpectraSoul – Adoration Vip
Sinistarr – Native – Qilin Dub
Sinistarr – Ascii – Prestige Music Dub
Jubei & Treez – Adaptor – Dub
The Insiders – Fantasy – Dub
Atlantic Connection f. Kemst – Cannabis – Peer Pressure Recordings
D Bridge – On Your Mind – Soul:r
Mist:I:Cal feat. Robert Owens – Believe – Soul:r
Ibex – Cavalier – Exchange Bureau Music

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