Construction Kiki

They are doing construction outside my house and it’s really annoying.  I do live on a busy main street but dang get it done already.  My streets are all effed up and no one is going to want to drive by and swoop me!  Okay I’m exaggerating but whatever it’s fun to be ridiculously dramatic. 😉

Andy C tonight at Smart Bar.  Come out if you’re in the Chi.  Stunna is playing too.  Woot.

Calibre – Jungle One (track is in player)

Kharm & Lm1Inversion (Naibu Remix)
I still heart Naibu.  This remix is dope. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Greg PackerSummer BreezeLooking Good Records 2003

I can’t really find any information on this dj but I really love the mix I’m posting for today.  I had downloaded another one by him/her earlier this year and really loved that one too.  Good tunes.
FaironneDifferent Solutions


01. Electrosoul System – Moving In Transit ( BCee & Lomax Remix ) / Spearhead
02. Switch – Hilltop View / Soul:R
03. Electrosoul System – Lifeline / New Identity
04. Commix – Japanese Electronics / Metalheadz
05. Atlantic Connection & Lynx – Danger Zone ( Submorphics Remix ) / Westbay
06. BCee – Out In The Cold / Influenza Media
07. Infectious – Capital Connection / Liquid Allsorts
08. Lenzman – Lonely Heart / Nu Directions
09. BCee – Glitter Balls ( Redeyes & Lenzman Remix ) / Future Retro
10. Lenzman – Afraid Of Jazz Remix / Phunkfiction
11. Lenzman – Sugar Hill / C.I.A. Deepkut
12. BCee – Flag Man / Future Retro
13. BCee – Generations / Spearhead
14. Calibre – Intro / 31 Records
15. Fracture & Neptune – Sky Song / Med School
16. Architex – Altitude ( Blu Mar Ten Remix ) / Basement Rec.
17. D.Kay – How Much Does It Take? / Brigand Music

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