Simple Life Kiki

I’m adjusting to my routine finally.  I’m not as overwhelmed anymore.  Now I just have to start actually sticking to the schedules that I make and everthing should be easy peasy.  😉

Icicle feat. SP:MCDreadnaught
Been lovin this one for a minute.  Some serious headbobbing action with this. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
MakotoButterflyLooking Good Records 1999

Marcus IntalexSolution Radio 17


Sub Zero – Brighter Days [PLAYAZ]
James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Lynx Remix) [BOOTLEG]
Calibre – Who’s Singing
Distorted Minds – Visions
Zero T ft Script – Guessing Games [FOOTPRINTS]
Trex – Bad Reaction
J Majik – Old Headz [METALHEADZ]
Phil Tangent – Restitution [SOUL:R]
Commix – Audience
Marcus Intalex – Hot Hands [SOUL:R]
Subwave – Us [METALHEADZ]
Bulb ft MC Fava – Still There
Octane & DLR & Survival – Spectrum
Generic & Sks – Bayard (Enei Remix)
Marcus Intalex & SPY – Celestial Navigation
Subwave – Raindance [METALHEADZ]
Dub Phizix & Chimpo & Fox – Narrow Eyes
Vapour – Dub Bass [36 HERTZ]
Marcus Intalex & SPY ft Ras Tweed – Make A Raise [SOUL:R]
St:Cal – Reno Vate
Trex – Daily Operation [FREE]
Dub Phizix – Danger
Artifacts – Old As Fxxxx
SPY- Dubbarubbadubbadub
Seba & Physics – Before I Can Breathe [SECRET OPERATIONS]
Need For Mirrors – Reset

Days Off Kiki

I have 3 days off in a row.  Woot.  Yesterday was a me day.  I didn’t write, I just pampered myself and took care of my allergies and just chilled the fuck out.  Today I’ve been running non stop errands.  One of those errands you’ll be happy to know is picking up my new computer.  Holla.  I’m happy that I have that old one as a back but damn is it slow.  Anyways no use dwelling in the past.  I have a brand new laptop and I get to be back in internet land again. Yay.

10 more days and World Cup is over.  I’ll be both happy and sad.  I’ll miss my new World Cup buddies and being able to watch football pretty much everyday.  I won’t miss the nonstop working.  People need to have a break every once in a while.  It’s not good to go on 9 day, 8 day, 6 day working streaks.  It tires a person out.

My allergies are clearing up.  I finally gave in and bought the Claritin D.  I knew I needed to take it but I just feel so hopped up when I do.  It’s too strong.  Whatever.  I was so miserable that I just decided being hopped up for a couple of days wouldn’t be better than how horrible I’ve felt for the past 5 days.

I’ve been listening to so many mixes and have heard so many new tunes that I can’t even keep up.  I hope I remember them all.  It’s times like this that I miss my desk at my old job cuz I could always refer to my trusty chicken scratch post its.  I just keep having to make a mental note as I’m listening to a mix while working out or while walking to work.  Sometimes I remember…. most of the time I don’t. 🙂

It’s July 4th this weekend.  I have no plans.  I’ve noticed that lately as the years pass, I keep doing less and less on this holiday.  For some reason I seem to get left behind and my friends all go out of town.  LOL.  I’ll be working at night on the 4th but if anyone knows of any bbq’s during the day lemme know.  I will gladly come eat your hamburgers.  😉

Oh and btw, if you didn’t listen to that Dj Fu mix, you’re missing out.  Really good stuff.

All Thieves – Stars:  Zero T Remix (track is in player)
Been meaning to post this for a while.  This remix is so sick.  Everything about it just sounds wonderful.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
SebaPlanetary Funk AlertLooking Good Records 1998

MakotoDOA/Serato Mix Series #9


01. Godfarm & ACMA – Blue Tone (Makoto remix)
02. Paul SG & Calculon – Hear Thru Me
03. Makoto & Deeizm – Stop
04. Makoto & T-ak – Climbers High
05. Random Movement – Hotter Measures
06. Vice Versa – Spacebridge
07. Quantrek – Love Affair
08. Heavy 1 – You’ll Be Over
09. Marky, Makoto & Sonic – Holy Tuesday
10. Makoto – Untitled (unreleased)
11. Makoto – Spnin’ (unreleased)
12. Akira – Steppin Stone (unreleased)
13. Flaco & Glen – Crescent
14. Naibu & Ena – Memories Of Rain

Vim & Vigor Kiki

Maybe I just needed a week to be lazy. 😉  I have a new approach to this week and I’m excited about it.  No more slacking.  I don’t think the slothy attitude type is becoming at all.

I have had an awesome weekend.  My Oliver Twist bank account status has made my friends take pity on me and treat me to some really yummy meals.  I got to spend time with Kathy and her bf Matt as well as my friend Jon and just partake in some really fun activities.

The Dj Rap show was fine.  I had a good set but there wasn’t really that many people there.  The important part was the people that mattered were there so that was fine.  I have good buddies and that makes me happy. 🙂

Big Bud – Want You So Bad (track is in player)
Seriously, Toni Braxton and Brandy are awesome dnb samples.  This Toni Braxton sample kills it.  I’m really digging this.  The bassline is so warm and fuzzy. ❤

Today’s Oldie:
SebaCamouflageLooking Good Records 1998
Old skool chill vibe.  Love it.

ZyZ // RuffenChart November 2009

01. Sabre – Love Is Gone [OSIRIS]
02. Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded [SGN:LTD]
03. Luca – Speakeasy [SAMURAI]
04. Mutt feat. Kevin King – Conversations [CIA DK]
05. Redeyes – Synth [VANDAL]
06. Atlantic Connection & Lynx – Danger Zone (Submorphics remix) [WESTBAY]
07. Spectrosoul – How Strange [SGN:LTD]
08. Artificial Intelligence & D-Bridge – Odessa [EXIT]
09. BCee – Cultural Shift [SPEARHEAD]
10. Zyon Base & Hobzee – 125th Street [FOCUZ]
11. Sks & Kush – Foolish Heart [SOLE]
12. Lenzman – Bright Lights [SPEARHEAD]
13. BCee – Glitter Balls (Redeyes & Lenzman remix) [FUTURE RETRO]
14. Utah Jazz – Survival Of The Fittest [SPEARHEAD]
15. Ant TC1 & Survival – Find [DISPATCH]
16. Logistics – Transporter [HOSPITAL]
17. Redeyes feat. Deeizm – Luv and Haight (Matrix remix) [SPEARHEAD]
18. BCee – Consumed (Logistics remix) [SPEARHEAD]
19. Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix remix) [HOSPITAL]
20. Dj Fresh feat. Stamina MC & Koko – Hypercaine [BBK]

Construction Kiki

They are doing construction outside my house and it’s really annoying.  I do live on a busy main street but dang get it done already.  My streets are all effed up and no one is going to want to drive by and swoop me!  Okay I’m exaggerating but whatever it’s fun to be ridiculously dramatic. 😉

Andy C tonight at Smart Bar.  Come out if you’re in the Chi.  Stunna is playing too.  Woot.

Calibre – Jungle One (track is in player)

Kharm & Lm1Inversion (Naibu Remix)
I still heart Naibu.  This remix is dope. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Greg PackerSummer BreezeLooking Good Records 2003

I can’t really find any information on this dj but I really love the mix I’m posting for today.  I had downloaded another one by him/her earlier this year and really loved that one too.  Good tunes.
FaironneDifferent Solutions


01. Electrosoul System – Moving In Transit ( BCee & Lomax Remix ) / Spearhead
02. Switch – Hilltop View / Soul:R
03. Electrosoul System – Lifeline / New Identity
04. Commix – Japanese Electronics / Metalheadz
05. Atlantic Connection & Lynx – Danger Zone ( Submorphics Remix ) / Westbay
06. BCee – Out In The Cold / Influenza Media
07. Infectious – Capital Connection / Liquid Allsorts
08. Lenzman – Lonely Heart / Nu Directions
09. BCee – Glitter Balls ( Redeyes & Lenzman Remix ) / Future Retro
10. Lenzman – Afraid Of Jazz Remix / Phunkfiction
11. Lenzman – Sugar Hill / C.I.A. Deepkut
12. BCee – Flag Man / Future Retro
13. BCee – Generations / Spearhead
14. Calibre – Intro / 31 Records
15. Fracture & Neptune – Sky Song / Med School
16. Architex – Altitude ( Blu Mar Ten Remix ) / Basement Rec.
17. D.Kay – How Much Does It Take? / Brigand Music

Work Schmork

I had a nice 3 day weekend.  I went to 4 bbqs over the past 2 days and still managed to get some lazing around in.  Back to work…. boo.

I’ve been waiting for this track.  Aaron Jay played it a lot last year and I love it.  The 31 Records EP it’s on has got some other good tracks on it too.

Subterra – Celestial (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
SebaWaveformsLooking Good Records 1999
Awesome oldie.  So pretty.

Dj Druid & SilvahfonkThe D.R.U. Show 05/18/09


Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me [dub]
Druid & Undersound – ?? [dub]
Stunna – Sky High [dub]
Glen E Ston – One Life (Decem Remix) [dub]
LJ High & Lady Bluez – The Infinite Mind [dub]
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Zero T – Why Would You
Druid – Colors Shifting


Mixmaster Doc – Drippen Off
Ben Westbeech & Die – Come Closer
Tactile – Caravan (Ant TC & Stress Level Remix)
June Miller & Nymfo – Automatic Reply [dub]
Mutt – Its Pouring Once Again
Deepflow & Fusion – Magneto [dub]
Sabre & Zero T – Deadly Rumours
D Bridge – True Romance
Phantom Audio – Remote Control
The Square – You & Me
D Kay – Be Free
Equinox – Skofi


Mark Wilkinson – Where Do I Go
Lenzman – Bright Lights
Infest & Quasy – Azul [dub]
Broken English – Trying (Calibre Remix)
Andy Skopes – Yeah You Know
Nymfo – Follow The Signs
Stunna & Grand Marquee – Silent Dub
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
DubOne – Never Forget
Eveson – Sweet Wonderful
Break –  All Around
Blame & Selah – Because Of You
Contour – Angels In Shadows
Subwave – Dreamcatcher
Madcap – Tribes [dub]