Lay Low Kiki

Slow day today.  Just kinda getting some things done here and there.  I’ve got two nights of semi-rowdiness coming up, Andy C tomorrow and Skream on friday, so I guess laying low isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
The Dream TeamThe Menace/Drugs & Money Joker Records 1996
I actually don’t know which side is which.  I personally think it’s called Drugs & Money but the youtube video says otherwise.  Either way I don’t care it’s the correct track and that’s all that matters.  This is still one of my fave oldies and I would play it out a lot more if my copy didn’t sound like Rice Krispies when the needle hits the vinyl. 😉

Implex & EneiDrumandbassru Podcast 22 Golden Age of Neurofunk


01. Faith and Chaos – Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)
02. Optical – Slip Thru
03. Ram Trilogy – Mind Overload
04. Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce – Alien Girl
05. Stakka and Skynet – Clockwork
06. RAM Trilogy – Titan
07. Bad Company – The Nine
08. Moving Fusion – The Beginning
09. Absolute Zero, Subphonics – The Code (SKC Remix)
10. Konflict – Messiah
11. Matrix and Fierce – Climate
12. Cause 4 Concern – Synergy
13. Moving Fusion – Turbulence
14. Mayhem and Impulse – Chamber (Mindscape Remix)
15. Sinthetix – Switchblade Sisters
16. TeeBee – Gravity Distortion
17. Calyx And Teebee – Cyclone
18. Noisia – Hub Cap
19. Ed Rush and Optical – Fixation
20. Stakka and Skynet feat. Konflict – Bios-Fear
21. Teebee – Let Go


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