Icky Kiki

I just feel icky.  Theraflu isn’t working and it’s making me really sad.  I just want the headache, yucky throat and chest exploding cough to disappear. 😦

It’s been ages since I posted an Operon mix so enjoy.

OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 11/19/09


01 // ICR- ‘Heartbroken’ (operon rmx) (vibez)
02 // LM1 – ‘Blue Mountain’ (off world)
03 // Stunna- ‘Face The Night’ (Red Mist)
04 // ATP- ‘Keep You Warm’ (dub)
05 // Native – ‘At My Side’ (red mist)
06 // Phat Playaz & Mage – ‘Way in Space’ (golden orb dub)
07 // The Square – ‘Why and How’ (red mist)
08 // Paul st Jack – ‘Convergence’ (golden orb dub)
09 // Blue Motion – ‘Sweet Thing’ (touched by)
10 // The Square – ‘Face the NIght’ (dub)
11 // Paul SG – ‘Red Line’ (santorin)
12 // Adam Form – ‘The Groove’ (golden orb dub)
13 // Paul SG & Sabbia – ‘Purple Snow’ (dub)
14 // ATP – ‘Shibuya Nights’ (dub)
15 // Adam Form – ‘Ground Level’ (golden orb dub)
16 // Phat Playaz – ‘Clockwork’ (dub)
17 // Altair – ‘Rock Your Soul’ (dub)
18 // Atmospherix Amp & Eros – ‘Shadez’ (influenza media)
19 // ATP – ‘Tom Foolery’ (dub)
20 // Eros – ‘Identity’ (dub)
21 // Blue Motion – ‘Only Words’ (Influenza minus)
22 // Naibu – ‘Yunmee’ (santorin)
23 // S13 – ‘Mist’ (influenza ltd)
24 // Survival & D-Bridge – ‘Apathy’ (Exit)
25 // Spectrasoul – ‘Poseidon’ (DSM)
26 // Electrosoul System – ‘On the Run’ (all-sorts)
27 // Brother – ‘Special Thing’ (fokuz)
28 // Invisible Landscape – ‘First is Forever’ (operon rmx) (golden orb dub)


Had an awesome time in Philly.  Glad I missed the crap weather in Chi.

If you missed out on all the Bassdrive mania at WMC here’s some download action that could keep you busy for a while:
Bassdrive WMC Sets

Survival – Closure (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Chase & StatusLove’s ThemeBingo Beats 2005

OperonAustralian Atmospherics Bassdrive 04/02/09


01. Cutworks – ‘Spacecraft Tools’ (golden orb dub)
02. Well Being – ‘I Heart U’ (dub)
03. ICR – ‘Heartbroken’ (operon rmx) (vibez dub)
04. LM1 – ‘Renewal’ (dub)
05. Flowers & NickBee – ‘Megapolis’ (dub)
06. Cutworks – ‘Amarda’ (Fokuz)
07. Lingus & Subsid – ‘When Everything is Over’ (dub)
08. ATP – ‘My Passion’ (dub)
09. Well Being – ‘Storms by Streetlight (dub)
10. Command Strange – ‘Into my Soul’ (dub)
11. ATP- ‘What ya gonna do’ (dub)
12. Telmo A – ‘Between two Worlds’ (dub)
13. Simon V & Telmo A – ‘The Rhythm Song’ (santorin)
14. Serum & Bladerunner – ‘Gunshots’ (creative source)
15. Amplicon & MIndmapper – ‘Rehabilitation’ (breakfast audio)
16. Serum & Bladerunner – ‘Snake Fist’ (creative source)
17. Amplicon & MIndmapper – ‘Tracking You’ (breakfast audio)
18. Solar Empire – ‘Dynamics’ (covert operations)
19. Shebuzzz – ‘In Infinity’ (golden orb)
20. Operon – ‘Liberty’ (golden orb)
21. Naibu – ‘Opium Lady’ (horizons)
22. Druid – ‘One Shot’ (dub)
23. Directive – ‘Sudden Impact’ (dub)
24. Directive – ‘Steal Their Minds’ (dub)
25. Bu – ‘Broken’ (syncopix rmx) (digital colours)
26. Operon & Silent Shadow – ‘Science’ (dub)

Guess Who?

Yes I’m here.  I was so swamped at work yesterday I couldn’t even write in my blog and you know how that messes with my OCD mind.  Argggh.  My boss has a lot of cases up this month so I’m surprisingly busy.  It doesn’t bother me cuz I don’t mind the work but it definitely is a switch up cuz I usually have a pretty leisurely day balancing my work and playing online.  😉

B-complex – Raindrops (track is in player)
I just love B-complex tunes.

The Square & ErosYou’re Something Special (track is in both players)
Heard this on Overfiend’s show.  I’m quite a fan of The Square.  Definitely digging the vibe.

Today’s Oldie:
Alix Perez & SpecificLove BugHorizons Music 2006
Definitely not that old but I was thinking about Jodeci this morning for some unknown reason and it made me think of this tune since the sample is in it.  God I used to love Jodeci!  R&B baby making music at its best!  LOL.  Anyways, I like Alix Perez and Specific together.

OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 03/12/09


01. Operon & Crix – ‘Pure Energy’ (dub)
02. Stunna & Method 1 – ‘Koda’ (dub)
03. Stunna – ‘Back in Time’ (dub)
04. Solar Empire – ‘Dynamics’ (covert operations)
05. J laze – ‘Zero’ (Fokuz)
06. Rantoul – ‘The Ladder’ (good looking)
07. Theory- ‘Aurora Flash’ (covert operations)
08. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (digital colours)
09. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch” (covert operations)
10. Nphonix – ‘Ideogram’ (Fokuz)
11. Stunna & Release- ‘Hallucinate’ (Fokuz)
12. Operon – ‘Liberty’ (Golden Orb)
13. Operon & Sabbia – ‘Harmony’ (addiction)
14. Paul SG & Eros – ‘Midnight Rain’ (golden orb dub))
15. Command Strange – ‘Goa’ (golden orb)
16. Soultec – ‘Slice of Funk Pie’ (golden orb dub)
17. Well Being – ‘I Heart You’ (dub)
18. Operon & ATP – ‘Light it up’ (Fokuz dub)
19. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (Fokuz)
20. Big Bud – ‘White Widow’ (Soundtrax)
21. Operon & LM1 – ‘Crazy Nights’ (midnight sun dub)
22. Physics & Keza – ‘Insomnia’ (midnight sun dub)
23. Robot Redford – ’86’ (dub)
24. Sabukuko – ‘Warped’ (Instramental rmx) (horizons)
25. DJ Clart – ‘Back Room Chillin’) (dub)
26. Operon & LM1 – ‘Lorien’ (Covert Operations)
27. Directive – ‘Steal Their Mind’ (dub)
28. Paul St Jack – ‘Anticipation’
29. Bu – ‘Broken Planet’ (Syncopic rmx) (digital colours)

Frozen Friday

Yes it’s friday.  Yes it’s fucking cold as fuck.  And yes I’m swamped at work.

Moving on.


Blue SonixDisco

Calculon & Andy Sim – Bristol Blues

Today’s Oldie:  DigitalWaterhouse DubFunction Records 2001 Absolutely awesome record.  Loves it.  Classic.

Australian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 11/17/08



01. ATP – ‘Montego Funk’ (golden orb)
02. Invisible Landscape – ‘Funky Fresh’ (dub)
03. Lenzman – ‘String City’ (Fokuz)
04. Operon – ‘Old Timer’ (dub)
05. ATP – ‘Soho Lament’ (golden orb)
06. Paul T – ’30 Something’ (dub)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. LM1- ‘City Lights’ (golden orb)
09. Paul SG – ‘Changing Mind’ (red mist)
10. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
11. Yorkee – ‘Synth Dawn’ (red mist)
12. Paul SG – ‘Slipper’ (influenza media dub)
13. Kubatko – ‘Fly Without Wings’ (red mist)
14. Operon – ‘Inch by Inch’ (covert operations)
15. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
16. Flirt with Dirt- ‘Taken to Reverie’ (golden orb)


01. Embarassing Oscar – Dimina (Mendelayev rmx) (Modulate dub)
02. Electrosoul System – Colours (Allsorts 004)
03. Cryo – Mermaid (unsigned dub)
04. Cutworks – Female Demands (Golden Orb dub)
05. Electrosoul System – So Close (Fokuz 034)
06. Spherique – Another Side Of Senses (unsigned dub)
07. Cutworks – Starfall (unsigned dub)
08. Mendelayev – On Edge (unsigned dub)
09. Cryo – Girls And Their Demons (Covert Operations 023)
10. Cutworks – Alone In A Silence (Golden Orb dub)
11. Electrosoul System – After Hours (Brand Nu X 002)
12. Cutworks – Eclectic Soulroot (unsigned dub)
13. Spherique – Falling Leaves (unsigned dub)
14. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus dub)
15. Mendelayev & Cutworks – Across The Space (KOs.Mos.Music dub)
16. Electrosoul System – Honcho (Kos.Mos.Music 002 )

“I’m The One To Blame”

Came into work early today. Got a lot of crap to do. Better get to it. 🙂


Black Sun EmpireFiring Squad (SKC Remix)

I’m going to Seminar tonight for a little dubstep presha! Should be good times. Clever from Offshore is playing along with Cringer and BRC. If you’re in Chi you should come out. You know you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me at Lava on wednesdays… It’s a 5 minute walk from my house dammit!

Today’s Oldie: Everything But The GirlBlame (J Majik Remix) – Virgin 1999 I can tell you where I lost every record I’ve ever lost. LOL. The whole losing of the record is always so traumatic for me (god I love to exaggerate) that I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I love this remix. Like love love love it. It just evoked such a happy warm feeling that I always got excited when it came on. I loved the Everything But The Girl original and I just think that J Majik did a lovely job with the remix. I mixed at this huge new years eve party that year. It was about to be ’00 and the party was just insane.  I had a blast but there was seriously like 12 of us mixing from around 9pm to about 6am and all our records got mixed together due to the debauchery that was taking place. I’m usually pretty anal about watching over my records but these were all my really close friends so I was kinda lax about putting them away. When i got home the next evening, yes next evening, LOL, I was putting my records away and that record was nowhere to be found. It was part of a remix LP and I only had the other record with the other remixes that I didn’t like on it. Boo. I remember hounding Jimmy about whether or not he’d seen it and was so gutted. Lame. I know one of my friends probably has it but their record collections were all ridiculously huge and there wasn’t really any intense hunting going on to find it. I couldn’t find another copy of it around that time and just was so bummed. I had actually forgotten about it until today. I just found a copy online and bought it. Yay. This oldies section is doing wonders for replenishing my record collection. 😉

Operon – Australian Atmospherics Bassdrive 11/10/08



01. Kubatko – ‘Flying Without Wings’ (red mist)
02. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
03. Glen E Ston – ‘Glow AM’ (dub)
04. Smote – ‘Living Soul’ (red mist)
05. Paul T – ‘Thirty Something’ (dub)
06. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. Invisible Landscape- ‘Sunset’ (dub)
09. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (fokuz dub)
10. Kharm – ‘Elisa’ (dub)
11. Donnie Dubson – ‘Say Goodbye’ (fokuz)
12. Paul SG & Eros- ‘Green & Blue’ (dub)
13. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez dub)
14. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (dub) Still really loving this one. That vocal is so pretty.
15. Subside – ‘Quiet’ (dub)
16. Brother – ‘Reversal’ (fokuz)


01. Craggz & Parallel Forces – Lost in Translation (Valve)
02. Raw Q – Vital Soul (Bingo)
03. Jaheim – Put that Woman First – (Calibre Remix) – (white Label)
04. Total Science & Marky – Tunnel Vision (CIA)
05. Greg Packer – Colourblind World (Interphase)
06. Dj Marky and Bungle – Back Like That – (White Label)
07. Random Movement – Her songs (Innerground Records Promo)
08. Solar G – Liquid Soul (white Label)
09. Makoto – Freedom Suite (Goodlooking)
10. DJ Roots e Theego – Sorriso de For V.I.P. (white Label)
11. Cinematic & P-R-S – Luminous Colours (Have-a-Break Recordings)
12. Ben Mono feat Bajka – Suburban Resident (Dharma One Remix) (Compost Records)
13. Bungle – Good Times (Liqweed Ganja)
14. Incognito – Raise (Nerada)

Code Blue… For Real

Okay so the damage isn’t as severe as I thought. I’m no longer limping but my knee does have a goose egg black and blue welt and my back is really killing me. I can barely bend over. My face does have a black and blue bruise but it’s on my cheek bone and it’s kinda small so you could only see it if you were staring at my face for a long period of time which I hope you have no reason to do cuz I hate people staring at me anyways. My mum says to give my back a couple of days to heal and if it still is causing problems then to go to the doctor. Really though… who falls in the bathtub??? Me of course. *sigh*

Hot Tunes:

Henree – Lomo (track is in the player)

TKO feat. Miss WendyBreathless

Today’s Oldie: Calibre feat. Singing FatsDrop It Down – Signature Records 2004 I remember there always being an ultimate summer anthem. Each year a dnb track would take over the summer and that would be all you heard and you would wait anxiously for your copy. Obviously I’ve gotten older and my tastes have changed so I’m sure there’s been loads more since then and it just wasn’t my cup of tea or something but for me personally this track was one of the last real times I remember going to a show during summer holidays and having everyone go nuts every time this track came on regardless of what type of dnb you liked. It’s my ultimate summer anthem.

This tracklist looks great. I’m excited to listen to the show.

Dj OperonAustralian Atmospherics on Bassdrive 10/06/08


01. Crix & Operon – ‘Eleven’ (Golden Orb Promo)
02. Kubiks & Zetek – ‘Level Plains’ (rubik digital)
03. Stunna & Kubatko – ‘Broken Rules’ (operon rmx) (golden orb dub)
04. LM1 & Kharm – ‘Inversion’ (unsigned dub)
05. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (Fokuz dub)
06. Paul SG & Eros – ‘Ask Her’ (unsigned dub)
07. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (unsigned dub)
08. Tokyo Prose- ‘Since’ (unsigned dub)
09. Calculon – ‘Papadum’ (?)
10. Well Being – ‘Lend Me Your Troubles’ (Fokuz dub)
11. Red Eyes feat’ Deeizm – ‘Luv & Haight’ (Spearhead)
12. Bcee & Lomax- ‘I Can Help You’ (Intrinsic)
13. Calculon & Carl Matthes – ‘No Name’ (unsigned dub)
14. ATP – ‘Struggle’ (Golden Orb Promo)
15. Paul SG & Andy Sim – ‘The World Hates Me’ (unsigned dub)
16. Flaco – ‘Run Away’ (Rubik Digital)
17. Flirt with Dirt – ‘Zanzibar’ (unsigned dub)
18. Stunna & Pipeline – ‘Resistance’ (unsigned dub)
19. Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – ‘Strike Back’ (Westbay)
20. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez)
21. Syncopix – ‘Dynamo’ (syncopix)
22. Operon – ‘Airports’ (Phuzion)
23. D-Fect – ‘Contact’ (golden orb dub)
24. Mr Size F & Unquote – ‘Crying Skies’ (unsigned dub)
25. Lm1 – ‘Ambient Traveller’ (Covert operations dub)
26. ATP – ‘Soho Lament’ (Golden Orb dub)
27. Specific – ‘Down To You’ (?)
28. Paul SG & Martem – Untitled (unsigned)
29. Zyon Base – ‘City of the Red Night’ (deep soul music)
30. Tyler Straub – ‘Harlem River Drive’ (unsigned dub)
31. DJ Clart – ‘My Feelings For You’ (unsigned dub)
32. ICR vs Mos Def – ‘Dance with You’ (?)
33. Operon – ‘Acoustic Labyrinth’ (golden orb)