Kiki On A Roll

I feel determined and productive and ready.  That’s a nice feeling.  It means that I will actually get things done.  I’m on a mission people.


Lenzman feat. Jo-SEmeralds (track is in the Lenzman player)  Everyone’s kinda been geeking about this track and I so wasn’t on the bandwagon… at first.  LOL.  The more I hear it, the more it grows on me and now I kinda love it.

Paul SG & Eros – Cape South (you can hear Cape South on Eros’s page)  Heard this one on Overfiend’s show.  Nice easy going pretty Brazilian type vibe to this tune.  I’m definitely digging it.

Today’s Oldie:

L DoubleSaturday Night Flex (Rollers Revival Remix) Labello Blanco Recordings 1997 I keep making it harder for myself every morning that I forget to look at my records and pick out an oldie.  It becomes a process and a half.  Stunna had an awesome one for me today but I couldn’t find a good sample and I at least like to have a nice mp3 to showcase these great oldies.  I finally remembered this one.  Oh I loved loved loved this tune.  Me saying I love a tune is so lame these days but I can’t help it.  I really do love dnb therefore I love all tunes obsessively until I get sick of them.  *shrugs*  Saturday Night Flex was so organically rowdy how could you not help but love it?  I remember when we had L Double come to Minneapolis and he was the coolest dude ever.  The rave was called Hijack and we had it in an airplane hanger.  I love thinking of old rave times in Mpls.  Warm memories.

I guess I’m having a Lenzman day today. 🙂  Submorphics turned me on to this mix Lenzman did for Gerard’s Drive By show on Kiss 100.  You know I enjoyed it since it has Theives In The Night on it.  I don’t have an mp3 but you can listen to the archive on the Kiss Kube for the rest of this week.

Lenzman on Kiss 100 Gerard Drive By on Monday Dec 1, 2008


* * 1st Hour * * *

Trisector ‘Morning Rain’ (Medschool)
Enei ‘Morning Talk’ (Dub)
Shy FX ‘Plastic Soul’ D Bridge Metal Soul Remix (Digital Soundboy)
Total Science Never Heard A Dream Furney Remix
B Cee ‘Consumed’ (Spearhead)
L.A.O.S ‘We All’ Blame Remix (Dub)

[Guest Mix – Lenzman]

Lenzman – Stuck – Dub
Lenzman + Redeyes – Thieves In the Night – Dub
Zero T feat. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) – Integral
Specific – Time – Good Looking
Atlantic Connection + Lynx – Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix) – Westbay
Icicle – Reflections – Creative Source
Lenzman feat. Jo-S – Emeralds – SGN:LTD

* * * 2nd Hour * * *

[Guest Mix continued – Lenzman]

D-Bridge + Calibre – Ponderosa – Exit
Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage – V Records
Makoto – Feels Like Heaven – Good Looking
Redeyes + Mutt – Ode To The Ghetto – Good Looking
Total Science feat. MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Lenzman’s Deep in your Soul Remix) CIA
Furney – Don’t Want Me No More – Good Looking
Calibre feat. DRS – Be There – Integral
Random Movement – Back In My Life – Innerground
[End of Mix]

Noisia ‘Crank’ (Vision)
Sigma ‘Nexus’ (Life)
D Product ‘Tell Me How’ (V)
The Upbeats ‘Masked Warrior’ (Ganja)
D*Minds & Dirty Harry ‘Ho Bass VIP’ (D Style)
Heist ‘Imparla’ (Co-Lab)
Total Science ‘Busy Time’ Break Remix (CIA)

One thought on “Kiki On A Roll

  1. hahahaha, god this track! I was always partial to the original mix, but this one is funny to hear now, too.

    I remember getting really frustrated around this time with the whole ‘2-step’ sound that dnb had fallen into—especially when it got super lock-step in ’97-’98.

    I think MCs actually helped a lot in this era because they gave a little swing in between beats, you know? (unless the MCs were certain unnamed people that didn’t know how to shut up, but let’s not get into that….)

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