Hated It!

WordPress gives you a stats breakdown of the details of how many people read your blog, incoming links, what search terms they used etc. There’s the usual dnb artists and what not that people enter as search terms but the one that I find crazy is the amount of people that seem to find my blog by searching for Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather. There’s one post from ages ago where I commented on my overuse of the term “Loves It” and said that it reminded me of Blaine and Antoine. It’s mindboggling and awesome at the same time how many people read that post. Damon Wayans’s outfits were always off the chain! I along with your average Joe love Men On Film and figure they deserve another shout out today. 😉

I can’t believe we’re in December. I’m quite looking forward to Christmas this year. I just want to hang out with my family. I love it when I get to see all my brothers and sisters. This year is the 5 year anniversary of my stepfather’s death and in my mother’s culture we celebrate the life of someone who has passed every 5 years. There’s a big ceremony and a party so everyone will be coming home this year.

My family was supposed to make their wish lists and I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted. Ever since I came back from Africa at the beginning of this year I just found myself getting rid of the desire to want unnecessary items. I saw that my family over there basically survives with no extravagant items and are quite content. I racked my brain for like half an hour trying to think of things to put on my list and could only come up with 3 things??!! What happened to my greedy child status? LOL. The three things were bedsheets, “Extras” dvd box set and 10lb dumbells so I can do my weights workout routine at home. *sigh* Yes I have officially become a grown up.


LogisticsDaylight Creeps In (I just heard this for the first time on the mix I posted below. I guess it’s only on the Japanese Import of Reality Checkpoint. Good track nonetheless.)

J-Cut – The Beginning (track is in the player)

Sinistarr – Detroit Diesel (track is in the player) Heard this one on that Mace & Clart mix I posted yesterday. Dope.

Today’s Oldie:

Undercover AgentFive TonesJuice Records 1997 Oh man. This is one of the first records that I actually figured out how to use the phono/line button while mixing with. God help anyone who was listening to my sets in 1997 cuz I’m sure you got really sick of this record. LOL. It’s nothing fancy, just a nice simple rolling bassline track. Good stuff. I would still play it today if my copy wasn’t so scratched up and clackalacking like nobody’s business.

Came across this mix today. The tracklist peeked my curiousity so I decided to give it a listen. I enjoyed it. It’s an interesting contrast of tracks.



Dj Marky – Rotation
Grinda & Zig Zag – Colours Of The Night (Jebar Remix)
Danny Byrd – Weird Science
Logistics – Daylight Creeps In
Apex feat. Ayah – Space Between
Atlantic Connection – Deep South
Baron – Blinking With Fists
Phesta – From My Eyes
Akira – Expedition
Klute – We’re All Dying
BCee & Lomax – Outlaw
Nu:Tone feat. Ernesto – Soul Flower
Friction & K-Tee – Untitled Blues
Logistics – Trying Times
Brookes Brothers feat. Furlonge – Drifter
Dj Marky & XRS – Breeze
Danoo – Yeah Baby
Contour & Quicksilver – Soul Digital
The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix)
Danny Byrd – Soul Function
Camo – Deep Down
Logistics – Slow Motion

One thought on “Hated It!

  1. hey, thanks for the feedback on my mix! I googled it out of curiosity and found that u had posted it urself. Thanks alot for that! I really appreciate it. Im glad u liked the Tracklisting and Mix. Keep in touch!


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