Snow. Boo. I’m not ready for it yet but unfortunately it’s here and it’s not pretty like I want it to be, it’s just murky and grey.

My Thanksgiving holiday was really awesome. I just hung out with my mum and ate food. Got back early yesterday and just hung out with Reisha and her adorable baby.

Back at work. Back to the grind. It’s really hard to be serious when you’ve done nothing for 4 days.


Benny Page & VisionaryDon’t Worry/Youths Today Sometimes you just love cheesy tracks. This is one of those times. Don’t worry has my favourite dancehall vocal ever “Say Wooee” so I can’t help but love it. A majority of the time if you just put a mainstream song that I like to dnb and the bassline isn’t shit, I’m bound to love it. LOL. I could do without the vocal on Youths Today though.

Tha Substitutes – Roxy (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Ryme TymePaybackDSCI4 Records 1999 I went through this phase during jungle/hip hop era where I would constantly throw hip hop acappellas over my mixes. I got pretty good at it for a while but I’m not good at doing things in moderation.  I am quite the extremist.  I did the acappella thing so much that I got sick of it and haven’t really ever done it since. This track was one of my favourites. I had a JT Money acappella of Alright and it went so well with Payback. It was a really fun mix to do. I have a lot of DSCI4 records but this one was definitely one of my tops.

Mace & Dj ClartPlanet Funk Podcast Nov. 2008


01. Sinistarr – Detroit Diesel – Creative Source (Dub)
02. Seba – As Long As It Takes – Return To Forever LP
03. Break – Enigma (Calibre Remix) – Quarantine
04. Logistics – Cosmonaught – Hospital
05. London Elektricity – Bare Religion – Hospital
06. Zero T – Why Would You – Cheap Shots LP – CIA
07. Enei – Brick (Dub)
08. Fourward – Cadence – Planet Funk (Dub)
09. Bionic1 – Bump & Grind – Planet Funk (Dub)
10. Redeyes & Youthman – Listen To Your Heart (Dub)
11. Bionic1 & Carl Matthes – Let It Go – Planet Funk (Dub)
12. Mutt – Feel It (Dub)
13. DJ Clart – What You Wont Do – Planet Funk (Dub)
14. Dave Owen – Untitled (Dub)
15. Andy Simm – Palm Tress (Dub)
16. DJ Clart – Someone Else (Dub)
17. Brookes Brothers – Drifter – BBK
18. Chase & Status – Streetlife – RAM
19. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction – Metalheadz

No tracklist for the Dj Clart mix. 😦

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