Kiki The Cheesehead

So I’m in Wisconsin with my mum.  Eating food, watching tv, lounging around etc.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you go to your parents house? 🙂


Q Project – Holy War (track is in the player)  I’m actually really digging this one, I heard it yesterday when I was listening to the Hospital Podcast.  I went on a super Q Project kick from about ’05 to ’07 and then I got over it and haven’t bought anything him by him this whole year.  I am loving this one though.

Today’s Oldie:

I have no idea why I’ve found it necessary to devote two posts in a row to Q Project but whatever.  I’ll just round it all out by making today’s oldie something of his as well.  LOL.

Q Project – Slowly But Surely – Hospital Records 2005

I’m not very familiar with Soundsurfer but I really enjoyed this mix.  Check it out.

SoundsurferWinter Warmer.  Chill Mix


Infuzoria – Lightning Flashes [CAMINODIGITAL002]
Deep Gemini – Deepness in the sky [COVNTD011]
Naibu – Ktx [FOKUZLP003]
Furney & Tayla – You must stand still [LV006]
Sonic Saturation – Have you [CAMINODIGITAL002]
Future Engineers – Re:Source [NEXUSLP001]
Alaska & Nucleus – Aufeis [AM004]
Soultec – Bullet train to Mount Fuji [dub]
Seba – Cruising in time [NU12013]
Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance [SOUL:R034]
Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHA023]
Icicle & Switch – Looking away [OSMUK005]
Danoo – Different Touch [BWCD04]
Seba & Krazy – Finola [INN026]

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